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Advertorial Specifications

To build your Full Page Advertorial we require the following:

Advertorial Copy
Between 250-300 words about your company or product(s). This should be in paragraph format (like a press release) rather than bullet points/technical information (like a sales sheet). The copy you provide will be used as is; we may make minor proofing corrections, but at this time we do not offer rewrites or extensive editing/cleanup. For examples of previously run advertorials, please visit our online issue archives.

Images & Logos
Please include 3-8 images to accompany your copy. All images MUST be high resolution (at least 3-4" @ 300dpi). Lower resolution images submitted may be omitted if their quality is deemed unacceptable for print. Preferred file formats for images are JPG and PSD in CMYK color space. Logos may also be submitted as AI (vector) files. Please do not submit sales sheets, catalogue pages or other company collateral. If several images are provided we may decide to omit some based on how much copy was provided, how much space is available, and what works best for the layout.

Contact Information
At least one form of contact information must be included, most commonly a company website. We also recommend an email address and phone number.

Proof Policy
Two proofs will be provided. The first will be sent once the initial layout has been created, upon which you may submit minor changes/corrections. The final proof will be sent once those changes have been received and implemented. If the first proof is sent and we do not receive any changes or are unable to get a hold of you before our press deadline, we reserve the right to run the advertorial in its current state. Extensive changes/reworks and additional proofs may be subject to additional charges. The proofs supplied are for Scooterbay Publishing publications only, and may not be supplied to other publications for print.

If you have any questions regarding your submissions, please contact the art department at artwork@scooterbaymedia.com

Re-running a Previous Advertorial

If you would prefer to re-run a previously run advertorial rather than upload new materials, please email artwork@scooterbaymedia.com and tell us in which issue the advertorial last ran. Please indicate if the advertorial is to be run as is, or if there are any changes you would like made. A proof will be provided if changes are made.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the advertorial does not contain any out-of-date content (trade show booth numbers, expired coupon codes, etc.). A proof may be requested to verify this.

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