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Corolle represents all the values and magical moments of childhood. The extraordinary attention to detail in all of our dolls and accessories reflect our strong reputation for the best materials and classic designs. Each doll's expression, hair, skin tone and features are realistic and natural.

Corolle dolls are also designed to be age specific:  Each doll is created carefully to be in proportion to a child's weight and size and to appeal to different ages and stages. Our collections can be found at specialty retailers as well as online at www.corolle.com.

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"French doll company Corolle is known for its beautiful, high-quality, realistic baby dolls. I've become quite attached to three of them, Bebe Charmeur, Babipouce and Blue Suce Pouce. While they sound very French, I promise that they have global appeal.

They are so lovely that I find myself absently patting the doll's back, as if it were a real baby. If you smell the tops of their heads (like every parent does automatically) each of the dolls smells faintly of vanilla. If only real babies smelled so sweet!"

- Kristen Ryan, About.com Toy Guide

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