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Zany World Games creates award winning games having won 8 international awards including 10 Best Games, 100 Best Children's Products and 2011 Best Game of the Year.  The learn time is 2 minutes and 10 minute play time for busy families, teaching love and respect, building self esteem and learning family values.  For special prices and bulk orders at a discount contact 1-866-663-4263, (Prices $9.99 to $29.99)  Watch how to play the games at www.zanyworldgame.com


Contact Info

Zany World Games
6366 Douglas Street
West Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7W 2E9
(604) 925-9134



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Zany World - Board Game is for ages 3 to 16 years (winner of 2010 Best Game and 10 Best Games) - The learn time is 2 minutes and the play time is 10 minutes for busy families.   The game teaches family values, love and respect and self esteem building. Price is $29.99. Toll Free: 1-866-663-4263 (bulk order pricing available) Watch the How to Play video at: www.zanyworldgame.com

Zany World - Acting Card Game for ages 3 to 16 years (winner of 10 Best Games and 100 Best Children's Products).  The game teaches family values and how to express emotions. Price is $19.99. Toll Free:  1-866-663-4263 (bulk order pricing available)

Zany World - Matching Card Game for all ages (Winner of 2011 Best Game of the year, 10 Best Games).  The game is fun to play, and teaches love and respect of self, others and world. Price is $9.99. Toll Free:  1-866-663-4263 (bulk order pricing available)


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