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F.G.A. Inc.™, the gift, game and puzzle people since 1987, announces the acquisition of Bojeux™ product lines and manufacturing plant. Founded in 1976, Bojeux™ is the creator of well-loved Tutti Frutti™ Scented Modeling Dough that first made Bojeux™ a major player in the Canadian toy industry.

Made in Canada according to Bojeux’s™ homemade recipe, Tutti Frutti™ scented modeling clay is nontoxic, antibacterial and salted in taste. It can be mixed to create a beautiful variety of colours and is easily re-hydrated. With 32 vibrant colours, its malleable texture and 23 different scents, Tutti Frutti™ scented modeling clay inspires creativity.
It’s One Stop Shopping at F.G.A. Inc.™

Along with an extensive line-up of popular products for children and grown-ups already in the F.G.A. Inc.™ portfolio, such as Tantrix™, Cathedral™, and the extensive Little Moppet™ brand lines, the addition of Bojeux™ adds Matchitecture™, Roll-O-Puzz™, Play Art™, Trendy Art™ and the Canadian made Rustik™ line of wooden games into the F.G.A. line-up.

About this new acquisition, Mr. David, co-founder and CEO of F.G. Inc./F.G.A. Inc. said, "When we started in the toy industry in 1987, our first significant sale was to Bojeux™; and now, we are poised for growth together, continuing to build our portfolio of multi award-winning and eco-responsible products for the gift, game, puzzle, toy and educational market.”

About F.G. Inc./F.G.A. Inc.
A worldwide manufacturer, licensor and distributor F.G. Inc./F.G.A. Inc. welcomed USA-based Reeve+Jones line into its fold in 2018, expanding their line to include a new category of joke kits into their line-up. Children's indoor/outdoor play sets, books and dolls have also been added through the years.

Look for us at the Dallas Gift Show - #478 Macmanemin and the Minneapolis Gift Show -#B122 Ketz

514-485-1834 / info@familygamesamerica.com


Imagine by Rubie’s, is the Toy Division of Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc. offering a full line of licensed and non-licensed dress-up costumes and accessories for children. They are presented as separates and in beautifully designed box sets for gift giving and year-round play! Our award winning high-quality designs are developed to appeal to parents and children alike and include many popular licenses such as Avengers: Endgame, Justice League, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, Jurassic World, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thomas and Friends and many more to choose from!  

Kid tested - parent approved, Imagine products are designed to fit children ages 3 to 6 with some additional sizes available.  Our products are distributed online as well as at national retailers such as Walmart, Target and independently owned Toy Stores throughout the United States and Canada.  Each and every unique ensemble provides kids the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character 365 days of the year! It’s our philosophy to encourage kids to dream, believe and achieve through the art of imagination. With new styles and new characters, every child can be whomever they want to be with Imagine by Rubie’s!

Contact Info: www.imaginebyrubies.com, info@imaginebyrubies.com,


You are cordially invited to afternoon tea at the aristocratic Crawley estate known as Downton Abbey™.  The castle detailed of Post-Edwardian era architecture has been impeccably replicated by Wrebbit3D™ with an 890-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Imagine building your own 3D model of the residence of the Crawley family and their servants whose story has captivated the imagination of millions of viewers in hundreds of countries around the world.  You can now relive the Downton Abbey™ experience one delightful piece at a time by building the famous castle in your own home.  With assembled dimensions of 16.5” x 15” x 11.5” The Downton Abbey™ 890-piece Wrebbit3D™ puzzle is a challenging project which all fans of the acclaimed TV series will want to carry out either on their own or with friends and family members.  Once your project is completed, your stunning accomplishment will be proudly displayed in your home just in time for the September theatrical release of the movie of the same name.

All Wrebbit3D™ puzzles are made in Canada using a unique foam backing technology providing snug and tight-fitting pieces that are easy to handle.  Wrebbit3D™ puzzles are real 3D jigsaw puzzles, not to be confused with construction kits or model kits. They do not require any glue for their assembly. They are the sturdiest 3D puzzles on the market with the highest quality of design and illustration.

Downton™ and Downton Abbey®.  © 2019 Carnival Film & Television Limited. All Rights Reserved.
© 2019 Wrebbit Puzzles Inc. All rights reserved. Wrebbit & Wrebbit 3D are trademarks of Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.

855-787-8842 Ext.11

A toy for all reasons...and all seasons! 

As the manufacturer of Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables, we are proud of the fact that there is a product in our line for almost all types of occasions, ages, activities, holidays and educational opportunities.  

Imagine...a toy that is not only fun and engaging for kids...but for Mom and Dad as well. Parents actually become involved and share the fun and laughter of Wikki Stix creativity.  
Great for interactive family time.

And holidays...we’ve got them covered. Wikki Stix Halloween paks are the non-candy trick-or-treat giveaway recommended by ten out of ten dentists! Our Easter Fun Favors are perfect in Easter Baskets and our Holiday Fun Favors are great stocking stuffers. Plus, we have an adorable Holiday Activity book to keep little ones busy while waiting for Santa.
Wikki Stix have long been regarded as the best travel toy on the planet...clean, quiet and engaging enough to entertain children on long flights. And now, with an emphasis on finding an alternative to tablets, phones and iPads, Wikki Stix are being described as the perfect screen-free travel toy.

Widely used as a teaching tool in schools, Wikki Stix are also available for in-home educational applications, from our Early Learning Trio to Middle School level science projects with our STEM Pak.

Super Wikki Stix are the ultimate in Wikki fun! Kids can be creative on a big scale with three-foot long Wikki Stix.

And, because we feel so strongly that creative, engaging play is important, we are proud to again be the sponsor of National Unplugged Play Day, taking place this year on Sept. 28th. To sponsor an Unplugged Play Day in your store, visit wikkistix.com/unplug to sign up!



We know and YOU know that collectively we can’t emphasize enough the importance of play in childhood development. PLAY MATTERS!  

One of the best ways to encourage play is to provide a toy that is fun, and easy enough to use that it’s immediately engaging. And that describes our product, Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables.

We are proud that our unique product is also known for its amazing contribution to cognitive development, as well as stimulating imagination and creativity while also providing a tool for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! All while PLAYING!  

Helping parents find the right products for engaging play can be a challenge. Here are some of our suggestions for preschoolers:  Activity Set (84 Wikki Stix, cute idea booklet and playboard); The Adventures Across America Book, as well as the Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues (colorful interactive board books for preschoolers); and the new Wikki Stix Activity Book, designed with a first grade teacher to provide preschool readiness skills... all during fun, engaging PLAY!

And, of course, our Traveler and Lil’ Traveler...for hands-on play on the go!

Because we feel so strongly that kids need this kind of fun and constructive PLAY, we have launched National Unplugged Play Day...to get kids away from passively staring at screens. Last year, the event enjoyed the participation of over 115 stores nationwide.

This year, National Unplugged Play Day will be held on September 28th, and we hope you will participate by hosting an unplugged play day in your store. Let’s all shout it loud and clear,...that kids need to Unplug it!  Turn it Off!  Take a Break!  Be a Kid!


Looney Labs: Changing the Way You Play

Looney Labs is a woman-owned and -operated business celebrating its 23rd year in business. Our products are made in Battle Creek, Michigan, with minimal packaging and boxes made from recycled paper. A portion of all proceeds from Nature Fluxx are donated to ecological charities.

Our mission is to create fun. To do our small part to improve the world by spreading peace, love, happiness, and fun through our signature style of games; and to do so in a way that builds community, contributes to social equality, and is environmentally responsible. To learn more, please watch our video at: https://tinyurl.com/LLabsMission

All of our games are family friendly and sized to be easy to take with you. They have won many awards, including Mensa Select, Games 100, Origins Awards, GeekDad Approved, Dice Tower Gold Seal, Creative Child Game of the Year, and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products.

Please give our games a try and let us know what you think!

National Unplugged Play Day - September 28, 2019

The 2nd Annual National Unplugged Play Day, sponsored by the Wikki Stix Company, will be held on September 28th, 2019...encouraging kids to…Unplug it! Turn it off! Take a Break! Be a Kid!

National Unplugged Play Day, in its inaugural year, enjoyed the participation of over 115 stores nationwide, from large urban toy stores to office supply stores, to small specialty arts and craft stores. Additionally, over 1,500 moms purchased the “in-home play day kit” to participate with their children at home.

Kem Clark, president of Omnicor Inc., explained, “We all have concerns today over kids’ constant attachment to electronics, where they sit and passively stare at screens.  They have lost the art of playing.  They watch, rather than DO! Play is important to stimulate imagination and creativity and help develop cognitive thinking skills. We felt our product, along with many others, might take the lead in offering a break from screens with hands-on, engaged play.”

As part of the National Unplugged Play Day, Wikki Stix is offering a $5 Play Day Kit (with free shipping). The kit is only available to residents in the Continental USA and is limited to one kit per household…limited to the first 500 orders. The Wikki Stix Play Day Kit (enough for 4 children), includes: 

  • Over 200 Wikki Stix
  • 4 clown face cutouts to decorate and embellish
  • 4 Wikkidoodle sheets... a fun doodle to use as a creative starting point
  • Flyer for making Wikki people
  • Flyer for making Wikki Wacky glasses
  • Do-Wikki Game (a fun, timed game activity)
  • 4 Unplugged stickers to wear

Wikki Stix, wholly Made in the USA, are made of hand-knitting yarn and a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax. They work without paste or glue, so there is no mess – simply press down with light fingertip pressure.  Soft and pliable, they are easy for young fingers to use for creative play, as well as learning letters, numbers, shapes and more! Wikki Stix are safe, gluten free and non-toxic. Ideal for ages 3 and up.

About Omnicor Inc.
Omnicor Inc. is far better known simply as the Wikki Stix Co. and has been manufacturing the product in Phoenix AZ for over 29 years.  For more information, please visit the Wikki Stix website at: https://www.wikkistix.com/uplugged


From the creators of TENZI comes another super-simple, super-fast game. It’s called PAIRZI, and it’s all about speed!  Be the first to find five pairs of Critter Cards, but first you have to roll a pair with your dice.  

So, the fast and frantic pace of the game is roll a pair, find a pair, roll a pair, find a pair!  The more players there are, the crazier PAIRZI gets.

Gotta stop by BOOTH 2127 at ASTRA to play PAIRZI.


Odyssey Expands Auto Moto Collection 

Remote-controlled technology is appreciated by toy fans of all ages. Odyssey’s Auto Moto Collection puts all the power in your hands. Let’s face it - a toy robot is very cool. But one that can transform into a sporty race car, a blazing fire engine, or a pair of battling robots at the simple push of a button is even cooler!

Nothing beats the amazing feeling of gripping a remote control and dictating the movements of a sturdy vehicle all over different types of terrain. Not only do you get to dictate every movement of these mean-looking cars and truck, you’ll also get to watch it transform into a commanding robot that walks and listens to your voice directions!  

For 2019, Odyssey is adding two impressive trucks to its series that will quickly become fan favorites to the Auto Moto Collection. First is the Diggin’ Moto, a powerful bulldozer truck. Watch this beastly vehicle prowl all over the ground and run over just about anything in its way. This truck is by far the biggest Moto yet! As with our entire Auto Moto series, there’s an added bonus – with one push of a button, that bulldozer truck transforms into a sleek robot!

Next up is the Dumpin’ Moto, an all-terrain garbage truck in a sturdy green and white plastic frame which reveals itself to be a towering robot at your command. Send the Dumpin’ Moto to do your bidding across the ground in all directions. With the addition of these two new trucks, the Auto Moto Collection is a great, powerful, and colorful toy series you don’t want to miss!


There's Strength In Their Future

My First Workout® is an award winning, mom-founded company on a mission to build stronger family connections and instill a habit of fitness from the earliest age possible in every person. The key to a healthier tomorrow is getting kids involved today. This super smart kids-fitness program that focuses on fun and ease of use has quickly become one of the most innovative and critically essential new products to hit the market in 2019!

Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of My First Workout®, Michelle Miller, has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry including a degree in exercise science and fitness has developed this program just for kids age 5 to 10 years old.  The My First Workout® program is packaged neatly in a kit that comes with 8 pieces of exercise equipment that are kid size and age appropriate to complete a child's very own home gym. All the equipment needed to complete the poster of program 1 demonstrating 13 of the very best exercises for children to enhance performance in their sport, help prevent injuries and strengthen all the major muscle groups of the body in addition to improving coordination, balance, flexibility and stamina are included.  A "how-to" video of program 1 with Michelle and children properly demonstrating each exercise is also included to help parents confidently teach the exercises to their children.

Kids are loving this step-by-step program that builds confidence along with an understanding of the fundamentals of exercise. When program 1 is mastered, there are 11 more programs in the series and 3 additional pieces of more advanced equipment that all build from the first program. The My First Workout® program was thoughtfully designed taking all skill levels into mind so children can progress at their own pace.  

Named the 2019 National Parenting product award winner, My First Workout® welcomes each and every child to the wonderful world of exercise that does not discriminate in any way, shape or form.  Whatever body a child was born with, whatever interests they have in life, exercise simply improves individual quality of life for a lifetime.  Let's take a few moments out of everyday to get kids UNPLUGGED and STRONGER inside and out!


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