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An All American company on a mission!

And that mission is:

To produce a unique and amazing product that will delight, inspire and entertain children; bring peace, quiet and joy to parents and grandparents; and stimulate the creative soul of everyone whose hands are touched by Wikkies.

Long regarded as the best travel toy out there, Wikki Stix are currently offered on five airlines as part of the kids’ meal program. Two new items in the Wikki Stix line address this fact:  The Traveler,  for kids 6 and up, and the Lil’ Traveler for the 3-5 year old crowd. 

Each offers plenty of Wikki Stix plus activities and materials to stave off boredom on planes, in the backseat, and at Grandma’s when the adults are all busy talking !  And each is in a cute red carry case.

Capitalizing on the fun and playful aspect of Wikki Stix, the company has a number of promotions centering on the Wikki Stix Fun Truck, a 1934 Ford Pickup.  “What better way to symbolize our all- American pride than with another all American classic," commented  Kem Clark, President of the Wikki Stix Co.

One major concept built around the truck is a program promoting stores who carry Wikki Stix, featuring the truck making a Wikki Stix delivery to that store.  Photos of the store and truck are posted on all social media sites, letting customers know where Wikki Stix are available.

On the more serious side, Wikki Stix are also widely used as a teaching tool and educational toy, offering fine motor skill applications, mistake-proof learning and tactile interaction for children with special needs. 

In business for 27 years, the Wikki Stix Co. is now seeing second-generation Wikki kids.... children of young parents who enjoyed Wikki Stix when they were kids.

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