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Animal Environmental Heroes has a new arrival - Baby Bear 399! 

Green Kids Club™ proudly retells the true story of Sister Bear, or Baby Bear 399’s life, her cubs, and her interaction with wildlife photographer, Thomas D. Mangelsen. Who explains, "These aren't just any bears, they might be the most famous grizzlies alive today on the planet. For all these people, catching a glimpse of them is the thrill of a lifetime."

Baby Bear 399 by Sylvia M. Medina is a part of the Animal Environmental Heroes series from Green Kids Club™. Each story has beautiful illustrations by Morgan Spicer, photos and facts about the animal or issue in the story.

The Green Kids Club™ and YooHoo and Friends® YooHoo characters work with Green Kids to conquer ecological bad crocks. These books are for younger readers; they have an adventure story with sections about the featured animal and ways that children can make a difference.
Green Kids Club™ Classic Books teach children about the environment, animals around the world, and small but significant ways that they can help.

Coming soon - The Belize Trash Monster, a story about tackling our trash problem!



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