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Corolle Makes Vibrant 2020 Debut with both Classic Offerings and On-Trend Delights 

Corolle, the premium doll brand designed in France, kicks off the New Year with a colorful splash when it showcases their 2020 Collection at this year’s New York Toy Fair.

Their 2020 line captivates with Rainbow Dolls, a “rainbows and unicorns” theme of soft-bodied dolls with brightly colored hair that are dressed in delightful outfits, as well as an enchanting Swan Royale collection for spring and summer. To mark the holiday season, Corolle’s Winter Sparkle collection of dolls and accessories in a white and pale blue will offer unforgettable gifts for little ones.

“After celebrating our 40th Anniversary last year, we wanted to keep the excitement   alive by bringing these wonderfully vibrant and memorable dolls to children this year,” said Muriel Joron, Marketing Manager of Corolle SAS. “The Corolle brand has truly withstood the test of time by mastering the art of combining classic play with the latest trends and play patterns.”

Corolle dolls are treasured by children and handed down from generation to generation throughout Europe and around the world.  

“There is nothing like the magic that happens when a baby or young child sees a Corolle doll for the first time,” said Joron. “The love and utter devotion on the child’s face when they hug and hold their Corolle baby doll is what truly sets the brand apart from our competition.
Headquartered in France’s Loire Valley, Corolle has a reputation - earned over four decades - for quality materials and classic design. Corolle dolls are made to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish.
For more information on Corolle, visit us.corolle.com.


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