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Give Thanks For Family Fun!

In today’s modern world, kids spend way too much time on their screens and not enough with their families. Games like Cards Against Humanity are just not suitable for kids and yet kids are tired of games like Apples to Apples.

So what do you do? Kids Against Maturity was created to fill in the gap with age-appropriate humor for the whole family.
The best game for both worlds, age-appropriate toilet humor for the kids, with hilarious layered innuendos for the adults.  Family game night is back with tons of question and answer cards that will have all of you rolling with laughter.   




Imagine by Rubie’s, is the toy division of Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc. offering a full line of licensed and non-licensed dress-up costumes and accessories for children. They are presented as separates and in beautifully designed box sets for gift giving and year-round play!

As one of the fastest growing categories in the toy industry, Imagine is taking the dress-up market by storm! Our award winning high-quality designs are developed to appeal to parents and children alike and include many popular licenses such as Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Justice League, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Aquaman, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2019, we will debut new licensed products from Captain Marvel, WWE, Shazam and Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors.
Kid tested - parent approved, Imagine products are designed to fit children ages 3 to 6 with some additional sizes available.  

Our products are distributed online as well as at national retailers such as Walmart, Target and independently owned toy stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Each and every unique ensemble provides kids the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character 365 days of the year! It’s our philosophy to encourage kids to dream, believe and achieve through the art of imagination. With new styles and new characters, every child can be whomever they want to be with Imagine by Rubie’s!


How BUILDZI was built

For the past several years, Kevin and Steve have had a blast selling their growing family of simple, fast games: TENZI, SLAPZI, ITZI and PAIRZI. It's been a whirlwind of laughs and fun.

Yet behind the scenes, there was another story playing out. Kevin’s son, Collin (who had invented SLAPZI), had another idea for a game. He told his father, “When kids play with blocks, they're usually slow and deliberate. Why don’t we take regular building blocks and turn them into a speed game?” Kevin liked where Collin was headed and suggested he make a prototype.

A few weeks later, Collin pitched the idea to Kevin and Steve. Steve also liked the concept of a speed building game, but he didn’t like using regular old blocks. So off and on over the next three years the guys would meet and, bit-by-bit, improve the game, which they had started calling BUILDZI. But those old block shapes continued to bother Steve...so when he stumbled upon the cool pentomino shapes you see in the game now, well things just fell into place!

Of all the games that Kevin and Steve have created, BUILDZI has taken the longest, by far. But, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We hope you enjoy!


Japanese Eco-Friendly Puzzle Eraser by BCmini IWAKO

BCmini has over 500 unique IWAKO eco-friendly puzzle eraser models of animals, food, toys and more! Each color is a separate puzzle piece for fun customization. Not only are they adorable and fun but are actual quality erasers. The miniature size makes this product perfect for stocking stuffers, decorations, models, and games.

All puzzle erasers are designed and produced in Japan, where traditional craftsmanship and quality are unmatched. It uses only nontoxic and eco-friendly materials and recycles all unused materials into more fun erasers.

Each puzzle eraser is $0.50 wholesale with a suggested retail of $1.00 each. Perfect for customers to leave the store with a colorful collection with each visit. Available in themed Blister Card sets or assorted theme boxes with each eraser individually wrapped in a colorful hangable package.

With constant new releases of animals, food, and toy erasers this product is perfect for collectors and keeps customers coming back for more! Recent additions are new cats & dogs, marine animals, colorful deserts, and the Unicorn & Pegasus models!  Discover the endless variety of adorable Japanese Puzzle Erasers.

BCmini is the Official USA Distributor for all IWAKO Japanese Puzzle Erasers.  BCmini is an American wholesale company that specializes in unique Japanese toys and stationary products since 1977. Visit bcmini.com to view all categories of products and to see multiple images of all IWAKO Eco-Friendly Puzzle Erasers or call toll-free, 800-592-9000; Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

101 Quint Street, San Francisco, CA 94124

The Wikki Stix Co.

Trying to Make a Difference.

In an upside down, totally insane world...what can each of us do that will help?  What can any of us offer that might make a difference?  What are the strengths we can bring to the table?

For us, after lots and lots of consideration, it was to reach out to beleaguered parents who have just spent months attempting to homeschool. We know how hard it’s been as we have heard from so many!

Knowing their next challenge was a summer without summer camp, we set about brainstorming ideas we could offer that might be helpful. Our idea became...Wikki Stix Online Summer Camp...a new experience not only for the parents and kids...
but for us as well!!

So, Online Summer Camp with Wikki Stix...came into being...offering weekly activities emailed directly to the family each week, for five weeks...on Wednesday...cleverly (or so we thought) called Wikki Wednesdays. Sign-up was free. We hoped we might have a good response...250 signups or so...and were overwhelmed when that number topped 2,000!

The number of moving parts to the program was astonishing. We were massaging ideas and rewriting copy daily...right up to eblast time! Most activities were indoor ones, as you might imagine, but we also offered several for outdoor Wikki fun as well.

By the time you read this, our idea has gone out into the universe and we hope it has provided lots of fun for lots and lots of families...AND maybe given you some new and innovative ways to present our product.  I also hope all of us in Wikkiland have recovered!


Odyssey Toys' New Lineup!

As always, Odyssey Toys delights with a wide variety of toys and games that will entertain the whole clan and 2020 is no different.

Introducing a 3-piece package from our Lit Sports line, which focuses on light up sport balls. It is not always easy to pry your little ones away from their tablets and phones and force them to go outside and get into sports.  This set includes an LED basketball, LED football and LED soccer ball, all of which shine brightly to keep you and/or your kids entertained for hours on end, in the day and night!

Next up are two additions to our exceedingly popular Creepy Critter Collection. You might be startled at first by how real they look, but once you realize they are just more brilliant critters made by Odyssey Toys, you will breathe a sigh of relief!

Check out the Angry Anaconda, which is twice the size of the popular Slithering Snake. This specimen contorts it’s body and flicks it’s tongue as you control it via remote control. Witness it slither over various surfaces, from carpet and tile to pavement. The Meddling Mouse resemble and mimics its real-lifelike counterpart! It might even catch the attention of any cats that happen to be lurking nearby! These large and furry critters will keep you mesmerized and entertained for hours on end.

Finally, Odyssey Toys brings a new line of fun and easy to use Stunt Cars.  Featured here is the Tank Twister, a remote-controlled monster tank that methodically plods and twists all over any surface. Its ability to take on just about anything in its way, rotate 180 degrees and flip over and crawl on walls will keep anyone who controls it entertained for hours! You’ll be amazed at how smoothly this toy moves for being such a burly, intimidating machine.


Are you ready to make family game night great again!?

Are your kids bored with Apple 2 Apples, and too young for Cards Against Humanity?

Kids Against Maturity fills that empty gap with age-appropriate toilet humor for the whole family to enjoy. Poopy fart humor for the kids... and funny innuendos for the adults. It truly is the best game for both worlds!

Are you in for LOTS of fun but afraid of running out of steam too soon?

Our math department (yes, it’s a real thing) did the quantum physics and that’s over 40,000 unique combinations! Simply put, you will get endless mileage of fun with a single pack!

Do you really want to put an endless smile on your child face?

Best option right here! Kids Against Maturity is an ever growing popular game that will get your kid to laugh so hard, that you will wish they are just smiling...

You want to play with your kids but you're board of playing kids games?

Kids Against Maturity comes with age-appropriate humor and funny innuendos for the adults that can be thoroughly enjoyed by kids,teens and adults alike.

Sullivans Distribution Inc

Animal Environmental Heroes has a new arrival - Baby Bear 399! 

Green Kids Club™ proudly retells the true story of Sister Bear, or Baby Bear 399’s life, her cubs, and her interaction with wildlife photographer, Thomas D. Mangelsen. Who explains, "These aren't just any bears, they might be the most famous grizzlies alive today on the planet. For all these people, catching a glimpse of them is the thrill of a lifetime."

Baby Bear 399 by Sylvia M. Medina is a part of the Animal Environmental Heroes series from Green Kids Club™. Each story has beautiful illustrations by Morgan Spicer, photos and facts about the animal or issue in the story.

The Green Kids Club™ and YooHoo and Friends® YooHoo characters work with Green Kids to conquer ecological bad crocks. These books are for younger readers; they have an adventure story with sections about the featured animal and ways that children can make a difference.
Green Kids Club™ Classic Books teach children about the environment, animals around the world, and small but significant ways that they can help.

Coming soon - The Belize Trash Monster, a story about tackling our trash problem!



The baking competition card game loved by kids and adults 

Hasty Baker is a delightfully engaging family card game where players collect ingredient cards to complete various dessert recipes as quickly as they can. Why the haste? Because until your recipe has all four ingredients, your opponents can sabotage you with Strategy Cards. Strategy Cards have a wide range of powers, such as the ability to steal ingredients opponents have played, replace all the cards in another player's hand or your own, completely wipe out an opponent's recipe-in-play, causing them to start a new recipe from scratch, and more! Completing recipes is how you earn points and the first player to get five points, wins!

Hasty Baker was designed to be simple enough for kids to understand quickly with art and subject matter they love, while having enough interaction and strategy to make adults come back for more. Every recipe card has a colorful, eye-popping illustration of a mouth-watering dessert such as berry cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and blueberry pie, to name a few. Each lists the four ingredients required for completion. The ingredients are playful characters that you can’t help but love.

Hasty Baker is surely the hottest family game to hit the market this year and was created by GoChuckle, a new family-run company with the goal of facilitating better family bonds through face-to-face interaction. Since being released in mid-December 2019, Hasty Baker has already gained overwhelming praise. It was granted the Tillywig BEST FAMILY FUN award for 2020 and was also endorsed by Allison Victoria-Wolfe, the season 15 winner of Food Network’s cooking competition “Worst Cooks in America”. As positive reviews continue to emerge, it won’t spend much time on the shelf, in the store or at home.


Corolle Makes Vibrant 2020 Debut with both Classic Offerings and On-Trend Delights 

Corolle, the premium doll brand designed in France, kicks off the New Year with a colorful splash when it showcases their 2020 Collection at this year’s New York Toy Fair.

Their 2020 line captivates with Rainbow Dolls, a “rainbows and unicorns” theme of soft-bodied dolls with brightly colored hair that are dressed in delightful outfits, as well as an enchanting Swan Royale collection for spring and summer. To mark the holiday season, Corolle’s Winter Sparkle collection of dolls and accessories in a white and pale blue will offer unforgettable gifts for little ones.

“After celebrating our 40th Anniversary last year, we wanted to keep the excitement   alive by bringing these wonderfully vibrant and memorable dolls to children this year,” said Muriel Joron, Marketing Manager of Corolle SAS. “The Corolle brand has truly withstood the test of time by mastering the art of combining classic play with the latest trends and play patterns.”

Corolle dolls are treasured by children and handed down from generation to generation throughout Europe and around the world.  

“There is nothing like the magic that happens when a baby or young child sees a Corolle doll for the first time,” said Joron. “The love and utter devotion on the child’s face when they hug and hold their Corolle baby doll is what truly sets the brand apart from our competition.
Headquartered in France’s Loire Valley, Corolle has a reputation - earned over four decades - for quality materials and classic design. Corolle dolls are made to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish.
For more information on Corolle, visit us.corolle.com.


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