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Second Generation Wikki Kids

As young parents buy a toy they remember from childhood.
“I played with these all the time when I was a kid”, is what we hear constantly now….. after twenty-six years in business.  So as these young parents are now buying Wikki
Stix for their children… we have second-generation Wikki Kids enjoying our product !

And still among our best sellers is the Wikki Stix Activity Set, offering 84 Wikki Stix, a lightweight durable playboard, zip-lock carry bag and a fun booklet of ideas and illustrations featuring two Wikkiland characters, Gizzywik and The Morgandoot. This product is the winner of the Parents’ Choice Classic Toy Award, and clearly has stood the test of time.

Another evergreen is the Wikki Stix Rainbow Pak…which also sports a fun new look with….imagine this!... a rainbow on the front.  This is a low price point, entry level product offering 24 eight-inch Wikki Stix in the colors of the rainbow, and a fun idea sheet of illustrations and activities.

On the other end of the spectrum is the brand new Wikkidoodle Fun…our answer to the adult coloring craze.  36 Wikki Stix and a doodle pad with 24 pages of “getting started” doodle ideas, and 8 totally blank pages, to let your inner Picasso run free !

New too, for kids from 3 to 103, are Team Colors !  Every school has school colors… grade schools, high schools, universities… and then, of course, all the professional teams.  So kids from elementary level to dad the devoted NFL fan, can all make fun designs on the fridge or decorate a sports bottle… with easy-to-use Wikki Stix.
All teams are available.

As the evergreens continue to grow and flourish, we are having a ball adding fun new items to the line from Wikkiland !  Stay tuned !


Folkmanis® Puppets is having a wildly successful 40th anniversary year! Since 1976, the family-owned company, based in Emeryville California, has produced the best-selling plush puppets available in the specialty toys market. The line has evolved from an original handful of designs to now over 200 styles including finger puppets, stage puppets, little puppets, character puppets and full body, hand puppets.

Twice a year, Folkmanis introduces new puppet designs to its expansive menagerie that currently boasts numerous award-winning styles. Four new introductions have already garnered industry accolades. The magical, three-stage, transforming Monarch Life Cycle puppet merited the 2016 NAPPA Award and the 2016 PAL Award! Additionally, the delightfully animated Yellow Beaked Crow, the mysterious Slow Loris and the legendary Black Dragon won kudos and 2016 PAL Awards.

Naturally, the company has outdone itself once again with a summer collection of new puppets from every category for your creative play and enjoyment. Wildlife selections include the whimsical Brown Cow, mischievous Crafty Fox, cuddly Baby Koala, huggable Classic Monkey, friendly Corgi, and colorful Green Macaw. Birders find delight in a graceful Great Blue Heron and magnificent American Kestrel while divers amuse over the extraordinary Nautilus.

Popping up for fun is the happy Rat in Tin Can and check out the low-tech enhancements that animate the legs of the Jumping Frog and voice sound from the Moo Cow Stage Puppet! Smaller hands will hoot over the Little Owl, Little Fox, and Little Giraffe as well as the portable Mini Sea Otter finger puppet. Lastly, elevate your fantasy play with the spectacular Red Dragon and the wickedly brilliant Jabberwock!

Folkmanis believes imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life.  Innovating specialty puppets for nearly 40 years, Folkmanis® Puppets are clearly the best loved, low-tech, classic toys in the global marketplace.   Lauded by industry experts as well as child development and kid-approved toy tests, the company consistently earns high marks for superior play value and design excellence. Find Folkmanis® Puppets online at www.folkmanis.com.

Folkmanis® Puppets: An essential ingredient to every toy box, every childhood, every generation.


Introducing a Distinctive Brand of Craft Experiences for Aspirational Tweens and Teens -Craftivity™

Smart, High-quality Crafts-
Teenage girls don’t outgrow their creativity, they just outgrow kid’s crafts. They want quality, they want durability and they want style. Craftivity delivers all of these things, while allowing girls to expand their artistic abilities through crafting.

From macramé to decoupage, ombre dying to jewelry making and more, growing girls will learn new techniques while creating crafts that they actually want to wear or add to their bedroom décor. Growing up should never mean outgrowing your favorite hobbies! So let them showcase their individuality by allowing to create on-trend fashions and home accents.

You Got This!
Craftivity craft kits inspire and empower girls who want to learn new skills while creating beautifully finished projects.  Once complete, their finished product will be one they will treasure or makes a great personal gift.  

8 products available to ship in May 2016!


Show off your emotion with a TWONSTER.  Twonsters are plush with personality.

Twonsters are plush characters in the shape of friendly monsters that share different emotions. Each character is equipped with two individual emotions 

for children to express as they switch between the interchangeable faces that are sewed onto the Twonster. Each Twonster is made from soft, pillowlike 

material that makes them ideal for cuddling. There are 9 different Twonsters in two different sizes for kids and caregivers to choose from, each with its 

own colorful appearance and personality.  Show your parents and friends what kind of mood you are in!

ChiTag Toy & Game Fair

Every November, ChiTag consists of four days packed with events that celebrate play, and the entrepreneurs who make toys and games! The only organization to bring together the public with play innovators and the media, ChiTag is in it’s 12th year. 

Register for one or more events to reach media, consumers and trade just before the holidays – when you want the most coverage, connections and engagement.

ChiTAG brings together consumers, families, inventors, manufacturers, retailers, educators, hobbyists, and the media, at the start of the holiday season, to play, celebrate, discover, support, and promote the creation of toys and games.


  • Over 300,000,000 media impressions in 2014 and will be over 600,000,000 in 2015 – regional, national and international. 
  • Over 2,500 bloggers via email, over 400 at Fair, over 300 up-close and personal at a special Fair Opening Event. 
  • Over 30,000 influential consumers, 33% under 4 feet tall.

If people are taking the time and money to attend an event showcasing the hottest toys and games for the holidays, you know they will be telling their friends and family about them! 

With over 2,000 trade attendees looking for new products, ChiTag is bound to be a great event!

Visit them at http://www.chitag.com/us/about/ to learn more and to register!

Get Social and Follow ChiTag here:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoToyAndGameFair
Twitter -https://twitter.com/chicagotoyngame
Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/marycouzin/

Contact Information:
email: info@chitag.com
phone: (847) 677-8277

Kidz Gear Knows Headphones

Kidz Gear knows headphones!  Better yet, Kidz Gear knows kids!  Kidz Gear was started in 2001 by founder and mother Laurie Peterson after she went looking for headphones for her own young son.  She was looking for headphones that were made to comfortably fit younger children, looked cool, sounded awesome and were safe to use.  Sadly, she found nothing.  It was then that she decided it was time for a new kind of children’s headphone. She wanted one with high-quality construction, ergonomically designed, value priced and most importantly safe.  Thus, Kidz Gear the Grown-Up Performance, Built for Kids brand of KidzControl™ Volume Limit Headphones were born. 

Thanks to moms and kids everywhereKidz Gear has become the leader in safe, comfortable and stylish headphones for children. Over the years they have added new colors such as Pink, Green, Purple and Blue and new technologies like an omni-directional Boom Microphone for foreign language and audio/verbal test taking as well as interactive game play and online video creation.  They even introduced new accessories like Carry Bags and Stereo Headphone Splitter Cables to allow you and your buddy to listen together.  However, with the ever increasing adoption of iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, Androids, Chromebooks, Tablets, Smartphones & MP3 Players, Kidz Gear knew they had to continue to look for what was coming next beyond the wired headphones of yesterday and today.  Well the search is finally over.  Kidz Gear is proud to announce the Award-winning Wireless Bluetooth™ Stereo Headphones for Kids!  Finally, Freedom from Wires! 

The new headphones deliver super comfortable, high-quality wireless Bluetooth audio making them the essential audio gear for mobile active children everywhere.  Capable of being quickly charged with a provided USB cable, the headphones deliver up to 10hrs of true freedom from cumbersome wires that kids can easily get tangled.  Think of it, what could be better for children who want to do gaming, dance, listen to music, and follow exercise apps that require movement than a pair of Kidz Gear Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones!  But wait, that’s not all.  What about the Boom Microphone for language learning, video creation, and talking on the phone to friends?  Well Kidz Gear took care of that as well with the additional support of a uniquely designed detachable Boom Mic – just like the one from the wired headphones!  They even come in cool colors like blue and pink! 

So if you are a retailer with an eye for the future of children’s audio, be sure to check out the Kidz Gear Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Kids! 

Visit www.GearForKidz.com, email: greatproducts@gearforkidz.com or give us a call: (877) Kidz-Gear. 

Toymarketing International Inc.

Celebrating 30 years of the Rody Horse!

We have been in business since 1984, and we work with Ledraplastic spa, Italy (Gymnic Line), importing and distributing its superior line of Rody Horses, Hop Balls, Fitness, Therapy and Wellness products for balance and coordination development for children and adults. Their products are made of heavy duty, latex-free, and phthalate free vinyl.

The Gymnic Line’s Rody Horse, Racin’ Rody Horse, Gyffy the Giraffe and Raffy the Rabbit are a favorite with children to learn balancing and coordination while hopping on them. Used for therapy with special needs children due to its softness and ride-on qualities. Base is available for transforming to a Rocking Rody.

The Gymnic Line’s Rody Jr. is a favorite with children for imaginative and creative play, and is also a good friend for your 18” doll. Rody Jr. is available in 3 colors (Light Yellow, Light Pink and Light Blue)! For ages 3 years and up, with adult supervision.

The Gymnic Line’s Rody Max is the same as the popular Rody Horse and it is for children 6 years and up with adult supervision. Available in 3 colors.

The Gymnic Line’s Hop Balls are the very best quality in hopping balls! Made of super strong, yet soft latex-free vinyl, for long lasting use and durability. Great exercise product for indoors and smooth safe outdoor surfaces. Promotes children’s body coordination, balance, lymph circulation and provides a fun workout while hopping on the ball.

We also carry top quality wooden sports products by Lucio Londero, Italy.


Premium Pencils, Art Supplies and Gift Sets for Children

Faber-Castell’s Premium Children’s Art Products are recommended by Art Educators for their Quality, Innovation, Safety and Respect for the Environment.  Connector Paint Boxes and Connector Markers offer vibrant pigments and unique “connecting” features.  Connector Paints, in sets of 12 and 24 colors are packed with color to inspire and delight young artists.  Remove paint pans from the case and “connect” to build your own color palettes, learn about warm, cool and complementary colors.  When the fun is done, everything snaps back into the paint box for easy clean up and storage.  

Connector Markers with their sturdy nibs and Connector Caps & Clips offer plenty of opportunity for creativity!  Draw, pattern, dot, cross hatch, blend and swirl with 50 colors.  Bring your art to life using the Connector Pens, Caps and Clips to build and connect to create dimensional sculptures.  Connector Pens will last and last, simply rehydrate by dipping the tips in water.  Clean up is a breeze, just connect the pens together to store, of place them back in the tidy storage bucket.


To learn more about Faber-Castell’s Premium Children’s Art Products visit us at www.greatartstartshere.com

Zeenie Dollz Celebrate’s Earth Day

Meet Zeenie™ Dollz, the powerful, stylish and vibrant eco- warriors. The new six doll seriesmerges fashion and eco- awareness. Each Zeenie, in addition to being a trendsetter, possesses a unique eco-power that protects the environment. To further the series’ green mission, each 12- inch ball jointed doll is made entirely of recyclable materials and non-toxic plastics.

Created for young girls and eco-conscious parents, the dolls are fashionistas, donning the latest in groundbreaking style, but Zeenie Dollz stand for much more. Each doll also brings to light an environmental cause that needs attention, bringing together education and green ideals for young girls.

Zennia, the special edition doll in the series, leads the pack and embodies Mother Earth, the protector of our planet. As the giver and sustainer of life on earth, Zennia is passionate about combating the evil antienvironment villains that threaten to destroy the world. To assist her in protecting our environment and spreading eco-awareness, Zennia is joined by a team of five eco-warrior fashionistas: • Evee, Protector of Skies and Defender against Pollution • Kazumi, Protector of Polar Regions and Defender against Global Warming • Lina, Protector of Rainforests and Defender against Deforestation • Sini, Protector of Farmlands and Defender of Mistreated and Abused Animals • Yana, Protector of Oceans and Defender of Marine Conservation.

The concept and mission behind Zeenie Dollz started with a sketch by Hansini Wadhwani, the creator, designer and inventor of the series. Hansini showed her mother, Laxmi Wadhwani, the first sketch of a girl with flowing blue hair and explained that her persona was that of Mother Earth. With overwhelming support and belief in the concept, Laxmi leveraged her years of experience in the textile industry to bring Zennia, the first doll in the series, to life. From there, the mother-daughter duo have worked together through every step of the creative process to take a beautiful sketch, a meaningful cause and a passion for the environment, and merge it into the Zeenie Dollz series. Since saving the planet is a Zeenie style, a portion of proceeds will be donated to organizations working to preserve the environment and protect all animals and the places they call home. “We are thrilled to launch the new Zeenie Dollz series,” said Laxmi Wadhwani, sales director, Zeenie Dollz LLC. “The dolls truly tap into a unique, eco market and we are proud to bring this message to the toy industry. The Zeenie Dollz are beautiful and fashionable, but they also align with environmental causes that need our attention. We hope this eco-awareness will appeal to a wide range of today’s children and parents.”

Harvest Time Partners

Conversation games that build and strengthen character!

 Our world continues to grow in complexity and uncertainty.  In addition, as our world has become more connected with the internet, smart phones, and social media, today’s “online chatter” has actually caused our families to become more disconnected and we are losing the critical life-skill of effective face to face communication. 

Harvest Time Partners created a series of conversation games called Abundant Harvest® and Face to FaceTM to help parents open the door to more effective communication, encourage decision making based on principles such as honesty, loyalty, and commitment with the intent of reinforcing the Law of the Harvest, simply, “you reap what you sow.” 

These award winning and patented* conversation games were created by David Esposito who was inspired by his experiences as a combat veteran, business executive, husband, and father of four to create resources to help families get connected on real-life issues and strengthen their character through decision making based on principles.  The games reinforce that Character Creates Opportunity® to improve relationships and achieve our hopes and dreams. 

Abundant Harvest® has been “revised and updated” based on customer feedback over the last 5 years and is available in 2 versions:  Abundant Harvest® for Kids (ages 7 and up) and Abundant Harvest® for Teens & Adults (ages 13 to Adult).  Retail price is $24.99 

Face to FaceTM Face to Face has 3 versions: Face to FaceTM Kids Edition (ages 7 and up), Face to FaceTM Teen Edition (ages 13 to Adult) and Face to FaceTM Dinner Party (ages 18 and up).  Retail price is $9.99 

Abundant Harvest® and Face to FaceTM conversation games create “teachable moments” and provide quality time for parents and families who desire to get reconnected and strengthen their character, a critical skill for dealing with today’s uncertain world.  

 Harvest Time Partners’ products help families by Building Character One Conversation At A TimeTM with its award winning and patented* conversation games.  For more information visit www.harvesttimepartners.com or email David Esposito at david@harvesttimepartners.com


*US Patent 7,073,792

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