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Keeping Imaginative Play Alive with Toys that Teach!

Safari Ltd’s mission has always been to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play. As an American owned and family operated company, they’ve been creating Toys That Teach® and lasting partnerships for over 30 years and 3 generations! In fact, educators, families, therapists and industry leaders agree that Safari’s Toys That Teach® strengthen developmental skills and ignite imaginative play!

Safari is a one stop shop for the latest and greatest offerings of wild animal figures, mini animal collections, dinosaur toys and more in a variety of sizes. They source and craft all their products with care, ensuring that anything purchased is authentic, safe, includes eco-friendly packaging, and lasts for generations to come. This includes their new 2020 line up!

These new figures coming to Safari Ltd this month are all great tools for developing minds and can be used in a variety of ways including: Imaginative Play, Group Play, STEM Learning, Role Play, Water Play, Family Vacations, Special Occasions, Gifts, School or DIY Projects, and many more!

Some of the hand-crafted animals coming to Safari Ltd this month include a: Great Dane, Fairy Dragon, Wizard Dragon, Cryptozoology TOOB®, Hedgehogs, Sting Ray, Catfish, Sugar Glider, Bush Baby, Safariology Life Cycle of a Salmon and Spider, Oberon, Yeti, Mothman, Pachycephalosaurus, Deinonychus, Edmontosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Watusi Bull, Great Lakes TOOB®, Eagle Owl, Gray Wolf, Skunk, Weasel, Sand Tiger Shark, Atlantic White Sided Dolphin, Warthog, Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo, Red Panda, and many more not listed.

You can find these items at Partners.SafariLtd.com
+1 305-621-1000


Thoughtfully designed education products that inspire a lifetime love of learning

Award Winning THINK TANK SCHOLAR SIGHT WORD & MATH FLASHCARD sets targeting preschool and elementary students- Modern design appealing to today’s parents and kids- Superior cards crafted with glossy finish for extra durability and handling- High quality box for storage and portability.


- 520 words, segmented by grade level (PreK-3rd)- Covers 75% of words found in Kindergarten books- Curated from Dolch and Fry lists- Preview word on the back corner eliminates need to flip cards over- Large size and bold font for easy reading- Single angled corner for easier sorting and orienting- 6 Teaching Methods & 6 Fun Games.


- All Facts (0-12) plus bonus facts for extra practice- Unique Tab system to organize mastered vs unmastered cards- Graphic illustration on each card aids understanding of math concept- Single rounded corner for easier sorting and orienting of cards- Color coded factors for targeted practice- Full chart (0-12) of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction- 5 Teaching Methods and 5 Fun Games.




Imagine by Rubie’s, is the Toy Division of Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc. offering a full line of licensed and non-licensed dress-up costumes and accessories for children. They are presented as separates and in beautifully designed box sets for gift giving and year-round play! Our award winning high-quality designs are developed to appeal to parents and children alike and include many popular licenses such as Avengers: Endgame, Justice League, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Star Wars, Captain Marvel, Jurassic World, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thomas and Friends and many more to choose from!  

Kid tested - parent approved, Imagine products are designed to fit children ages 3 to 6 with some additional sizes available.  Our products are distributed online as well as at national retailers such as Walmart, Target and independently owned Toy Stores throughout the United States and Canada.  Each and every unique ensemble provides kids the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character 365 days of the year! It’s our philosophy to encourage kids to dream, believe and achieve through the art of imagination. With new styles and new characters, every child can be whomever they want to be with Imagine by Rubie’s!

Contact Info: www.imaginebyrubies.com, info@imaginebyrubies.com,


You are cordially invited to afternoon tea at the aristocratic Crawley estate known as Downton Abbey™.  The castle detailed of Post-Edwardian era architecture has been impeccably replicated by Wrebbit3D™ with an 890-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Imagine building your own 3D model of the residence of the Crawley family and their servants whose story has captivated the imagination of millions of viewers in hundreds of countries around the world.  You can now relive the Downton Abbey™ experience one delightful piece at a time by building the famous castle in your own home.  With assembled dimensions of 16.5” x 15” x 11.5” The Downton Abbey™ 890-piece Wrebbit3D™ puzzle is a challenging project which all fans of the acclaimed TV series will want to carry out either on their own or with friends and family members.  Once your project is completed, your stunning accomplishment will be proudly displayed in your home just in time for the September theatrical release of the movie of the same name.

All Wrebbit3D™ puzzles are made in Canada using a unique foam backing technology providing snug and tight-fitting pieces that are easy to handle.  Wrebbit3D™ puzzles are real 3D jigsaw puzzles, not to be confused with construction kits or model kits. They do not require any glue for their assembly. They are the sturdiest 3D puzzles on the market with the highest quality of design and illustration.

Downton™ and Downton Abbey®.  © 2019 Carnival Film & Television Limited. All Rights Reserved.
© 2019 Wrebbit Puzzles Inc. All rights reserved. Wrebbit & Wrebbit 3D are trademarks of Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.

855-787-8842 Ext.11


We know and YOU know that collectively we can’t emphasize enough the importance of play in childhood development. PLAY MATTERS!  

One of the best ways to encourage play is to provide a toy that is fun, and easy enough to use that it’s immediately engaging. And that describes our product, Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables.

We are proud that our unique product is also known for its amazing contribution to cognitive development, as well as stimulating imagination and creativity while also providing a tool for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! All while PLAYING!  

Helping parents find the right products for engaging play can be a challenge. Here are some of our suggestions for preschoolers:  Activity Set (84 Wikki Stix, cute idea booklet and playboard); The Adventures Across America Book, as well as the Book of Wiggles, Squiggles and Curlicues (colorful interactive board books for preschoolers); and the new Wikki Stix Activity Book, designed with a first grade teacher to provide preschool readiness skills... all during fun, engaging PLAY!

And, of course, our Traveler and Lil’ Traveler...for hands-on play on the go!

Because we feel so strongly that kids need this kind of fun and constructive PLAY, we have launched National Unplugged Play Day...to get kids away from passively staring at screens. Last year, the event enjoyed the participation of over 115 stores nationwide.

This year, National Unplugged Play Day will be held on September 28th, and we hope you will participate by hosting an unplugged play day in your store. Let’s all shout it loud and clear,...that kids need to Unplug it!  Turn it Off!  Take a Break!  Be a Kid!



From the creators of TENZI comes another super-simple, super-fast game. It’s called PAIRZI, and it’s all about speed!  Be the first to find five pairs of Critter Cards, but first you have to roll a pair with your dice.  

So, the fast and frantic pace of the game is roll a pair, find a pair, roll a pair, find a pair!  The more players there are, the crazier PAIRZI gets.

Gotta stop by BOOTH 2127 at ASTRA to play PAIRZI.


There's Strength In Their Future

My First Workout® is an award winning, mom-founded company on a mission to build stronger family connections and instill a habit of fitness from the earliest age possible in every person. The key to a healthier tomorrow is getting kids involved today. This super smart kids-fitness program that focuses on fun and ease of use has quickly become one of the most innovative and critically essential new products to hit the market in 2019!

Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of My First Workout®, Michelle Miller, has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry including a degree in exercise science and fitness has developed this program just for kids age 5 to 10 years old.  The My First Workout® program is packaged neatly in a kit that comes with 8 pieces of exercise equipment that are kid size and age appropriate to complete a child's very own home gym. All the equipment needed to complete the poster of program 1 demonstrating 13 of the very best exercises for children to enhance performance in their sport, help prevent injuries and strengthen all the major muscle groups of the body in addition to improving coordination, balance, flexibility and stamina are included.  A "how-to" video of program 1 with Michelle and children properly demonstrating each exercise is also included to help parents confidently teach the exercises to their children.

Kids are loving this step-by-step program that builds confidence along with an understanding of the fundamentals of exercise. When program 1 is mastered, there are 11 more programs in the series and 3 additional pieces of more advanced equipment that all build from the first program. The My First Workout® program was thoughtfully designed taking all skill levels into mind so children can progress at their own pace.  

Named the 2019 National Parenting product award winner, My First Workout® welcomes each and every child to the wonderful world of exercise that does not discriminate in any way, shape or form.  Whatever body a child was born with, whatever interests they have in life, exercise simply improves individual quality of life for a lifetime.  Let's take a few moments out of everyday to get kids UNPLUGGED and STRONGER inside and out!


Helio Children's Educational Nightlight Projector

Helio Base Station emits LED light through specially designed discs whose content is projected onto the ceiling in a soothing contrast of shadow and light. Instead of seeing stars and moon projected onto the ceiling, kids are treated to a wealth of knowledge as they happily lie back and absorb entertaining educational facts and images that inspire lively interactions and enlightening discussions. Swapping out the discs changes the subject matter. The Base Station comes with 5 discs whose content ranges from exploring the cosmos to more earthbound matters such as the speed and sleeping habits of a wide variety of creatures. A number of exciting expansion packs are in the works, with learning curriculums encompassing subjects ranging from nursery rhymes and mathematics to phonics, sight words and past presidents. It's a fun and relaxing way for children to play and learn, both solo and with the entire family!


Little Moppet™: Branded for Fun

Little Moppet™ sets the standard for top quality products with a high fun factor, proving that not all children’s product lines on the market are created equal.

From wooden puzzles and toys (18 months+) to real gardening tools, exercise gear, tea sets, cookware, bathtub toys, and a line of imaginative and expandable play sets, the common denominator behind the entire Little Moppet™  brand is found in one word: FUN. Not only do they stimulate a child’s imagination, they also enhance a child’s cognitive and developmental skills, instill a healthy dose of  positive STEAM play value, and encourage “Learning through Laughter”.

Since the company launched in 1987, F.G.A. Inc, the Montreal-based company responsible for the Little Moppet™ brand, has continued to exercise its strong commitment to manufacturing smart, mindful games and puzzles and to manufacturing in a responsible manner. Made from eco-responsible wood, canvas, sturdy plastic, rubber, and/or metal, every Little Moppet™  product is designed for durability, longevity, and to fit smaller hands.

As it is increasingly recognized that continuous computer screen use can be harmful for younger brains, putting something in their hands and evoking a wide smile on their face, is sure to be a change for the good.

To place an order:
Phone: 514 485-1834

Corolle Celebrates 40 Years of Play

NY Toy Fair Booth #235

Corolle, the premium doll brand designed in France, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2019. “It has been an incredible 40 years,” said Muriel Joron, Marketing Manager of Corolle SAS. “Corolle dolls are beloved around the world. Through so many trends and play patterns, the brand truly has withstood the test of time.”

Headquartered in Langeais, France, in the Loire Valley, Corolle dolls are treasured by children and handed down from generation to generation throughout Europe and worldwide. “With beautifully made products and enhanced play experiences, its little wonder Corolle continues to be an industry leader,” said Joron. “We are very excited to celebrate our 40th Anniversary this year and to bring today’s children updated versions of the dolls and accessories that generations before them have loved for 40 years.” 

To mark the occasion, Corolle is introducing two anniversary dolls this year: Calin Madeleine for children ages 18 months and up, and Léonie for children ages 3 and up. Longtime followers of the brand will recognize Léonie’s face – it’s Nouveau Né, one of Corolle’s first dolls. Both Léonie and Madeleine are dressed for a party, with a celebratory printed pattern reflecting Corolle’s French heritage. 

“There is nothing like the magic that happens when a baby or young child sees a Corolle doll for the first time,” said Joron. “The love and utter devotion on the child’s face when they hug and hold their Corolle baby is what truly sets us apart. Parents can trust that they are getting the very best for their babies.” Joron continued, “This year’s collection is truly enchanting, with the introduction of our Anniversary dolls, as well as updated fashions, accessories and more. These collections inspire a child’s lifelong adoration and companionship of Corolle.” 

Corolle is the premium doll brand designed in France, designed to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish.  

For more information, visit us.corolle.com

NY Toy Fair Booth #235  

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