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Kids Fly Safe with CARES Airplane Safety Harness

When it comes to your child, safety is the only option. Everyone knows that the seatbelt alone does not keep young children safe in airplanes any more than it does in cars. The days of dragging car seats through the airport are over.

The Kids Fly Safe CARES Airplane Safety Harness is a simple, elegant solution. It is compact, light-weight (less than 1 pound) and easy to carry. CARES is quick and simple to set up, looping easily around the seat back and turning the existing two-point seat belt into a four-point safety harness to safely secure your child in their seat. In addition, because they are comfortably held against the airplane seat back, their little legs can’t reach to kick the seat in front of them.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has certified only one harness type child restraint designed specifically for airplane travel - the Kids Fly Safe CARES Airplane Safety Harness. CARES is certified for children 22-44 lbs and up to 40 inches tall who sit in their own seat. CARES is FAA certified for all phases of flight – from take off to landing.

CARES is manufactured exclusively by AmSafe, the foremost manufacturer of aviation seatbelts and pilot restraints in the world. CARES is made of the same industrial-strength buckles and webbing as your own seatbelt and is engineered to the highest aviation-safety standards.

Over 100,000 CARES have been sold since FAA approval in 2006. It has been recognized nationally and internationally by parent and safety organizations including Good Housekeeping Good Buy Award; NAPPA Gold for Parenting Resources; Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products and 10 Most Socially Responsible Products; iParenting Media Award for Excellent Products; National Parenting Center Seal of Approval; Editor’s Choice Award from the Family Review Center; Mr. Dad Seal of Approval; Toy Man Seal of Approval, Award of Excellence and eChoice Award. CARES received the coveted International Crystal Cabin Award, recognizing innovative airplane cabin concepts, for its originality and contribution to passenger safety.
CARES Airplane Safety Harness – The Smart Way to Fly Safe with Kids.

Visit our website www.kidsflysafe.com or call 1.800.299.6249

2012 Fall Toy Preview by Toy Industry Association, Inc.

The 2012 Fall Toy Preview is private showing of newest products by toy manufacturers to buyers. The even is hosted by Toy Industry Association, Inc.

2012 Fall Toy Preview

Tuesday, October 2 – Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dallas Market Center / World Trade Center
2050 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207

Visit Toy Industry Association, Inc. for more details.

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