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From Jenga® to Jenga® GIANT™

The FUN keeps getting BIGGER! Everyone knows the classic Jenga game. But did you know there are a family of JengaGIANT games that make the fun even BIGGER? Jenga GIANT games are theonly authentic, licensed, super-sized wood Jenga games and are available insizes that can stack to over 3, 4 and 5 feet high. Each Jenga GIANT game ismade of 54 jumbo, precision-cut, high quality, polished hardwood blocks so you know that you can trust the quality and the Jenga brand. Jenga Giant games are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play so no matter the time of year, it is JengaGIANT time! When you play Jenga GIANT, you aren’t just having BIGGER fun but you are learning, too!The Jenga family of games teach attributes such as turn taking and cause & effect, and help to improve fine motor skills, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Jenga brand games are STEM.org authenticated. If you already carry a Jenga brand game and want to have bigger fun or want to join the Jenga family for the first time, then why not try JengaGIANT? You know you can trust the name, trust the quality and trust the fun! To see the family of Jenga GIANT games, visit JengaGiant.com or email to Sales@JengaGiant.com (310) 424-4527


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