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Funleague Inc.: Perfect Stride® - A Galloping Good Time!

Imagine expertly galloping across a diverse landscape toward an imposing jump and launching into a spectacular leap up and over…

Perfect Stride, the premier card game by Funleague is an exciting horse-themed tabletop adventure for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up using our junior/basic rules and ages 13 and up for the full game.  A story unfolds as players become riders who partner up with a horse of their choosing for a high-speed race across the countryside over a hidden course of jumps.  The riders collect ribbons with each successful jump as they race toward the finish line while trying to outmaneuver their opponents to gain the most points.

In addition to being fun to play, Perfect Stride presents some educational opportunities for child development.  It's a great game that encourages children to read, do addition and subtraction and engage in problem-solving through logical thinking.  It also promotes personal bests as well as social skills development through player interaction.

Perfect Stride was designed to appeal to both children and adults alike.  It includes a beautifully illustrated 95-card deck; each featuring a unique piece of art, 54 Ribbon Cards, 16 Pace Cards, a Rulebook and a Lead Rider token.  This game is a North American product; developed in Canada and printed in the USA.

In a recent review by a popular game blog, Perfect Stride received 5 out of 5 stars;
“It became obvious that this was a creation of passion, heavily themed and rich with narrative that unfolded itself in front of the players as they became the characters of the story.” – FatherGeek.com

“Perfect Stride is a fantastic and wonderful game. There is more than enough in the box to entertain the elitist gamer in your family and the non-gamer alike. Children will be drawn to the colorful artwork and adults will be pleasantly surprised by the game’s depth and challenge.”  - FatherGeek.com

At Funleague we aim to create board and card games which offer rewarding experiences that can be shared with the entire family.  Our games always feature high-quality components, beautiful artwork and intriguing game play.  Across the board, kids’ games and games for kids at heart are what Funleague is all about. So take a ride with Funleague into the world of Perfect Stride and experience an exciting journey that will challenge and entertain the entire family.  Your adventure awaits!


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