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Conversation games that build and strengthen character!

 Our world continues to grow in complexity and uncertainty.  In addition, as our world has become more connected with the internet, smart phones, and social media, today’s “online chatter” has actually caused our families to become more disconnected and we are losing the critical life-skill of effective face to face communication. 

Harvest Time Partners created a series of conversation games called Abundant Harvest® and Face to FaceTM to help parents open the door to more effective communication, encourage decision making based on principles such as honesty, loyalty, and commitment with the intent of reinforcing the Law of the Harvest, simply, “you reap what you sow.” 

These award winning and patented* conversation games were created by David Esposito who was inspired by his experiences as a combat veteran, business executive, husband, and father of four to create resources to help families get connected on real-life issues and strengthen their character through decision making based on principles.  The games reinforce that Character Creates Opportunity® to improve relationships and achieve our hopes and dreams. 

Abundant Harvest® has been “revised and updated” based on customer feedback over the last 5 years and is available in 2 versions:  Abundant Harvest® for Kids (ages 7 and up) and Abundant Harvest® for Teens & Adults (ages 13 to Adult).  Retail price is $24.99 

Face to FaceTM Face to Face has 3 versions: Face to FaceTM Kids Edition (ages 7 and up), Face to FaceTM Teen Edition (ages 13 to Adult) and Face to FaceTM Dinner Party (ages 18 and up).  Retail price is $9.99 

Abundant Harvest® and Face to FaceTM conversation games create “teachable moments” and provide quality time for parents and families who desire to get reconnected and strengthen their character, a critical skill for dealing with today’s uncertain world.  

 Harvest Time Partners’ products help families by Building Character One Conversation At A TimeTM with its award winning and patented* conversation games.  For more information visit www.harvesttimepartners.com or email David Esposito at david@harvesttimepartners.com


*US Patent 7,073,792

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