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How Wikki Stix Help Kids Learn. 

As the manufacturer of a very versatile product, we sometimes feel the need to help our customers understand the multiple applications of Wikki Stix...and which product does what!

And that is very true in the case of our Preschool Activity Book.  Created with input from a (very brave) woman who taught first grade for thirty years...The Preschool Activity Book is designed to help children be ready for first grade, by providing school readiness skills in a fun and playful format. And, what an amazing book it is with 28 pages providing 30 fun activities!

To help parents understand how this works, we created a separate sheet, which is included in each book...explaining how each activity contributes to a child’s educational preparedness.
For example, what appear to be simple fun connect-the-dot pictures, actually help reinforce numbers in sequence.

And the same is true of all the fun, play-based activities...some assist with visual discrimination while others address creative thinking and problem solving. Letter recognition is important, and occurs on several pages, as does color identification.

Understanding two-step directions is also found on a number of pages.

So by including a sheet, which clearly defines the preschool readiness skills offered in this book, we provided parents with an understanding of how this fun activity book is not only entertaining and engaging...but a valuable tool in getting
kids ready for their next step!


The premiere company in North America presenting award-winning classical music for children

For over 30 years the Children’s Group has been producing award-winning collections of music that introduce children to the best Classical composers in history. Our goal is to provide children with an engaging educational point of entry into the world of classical music through stories that bring the great composers to life, creating an emotional connection to their masterpieces, and inspiring personal development through exposure that leads children to to greater achievement and success in life.

Our series includes the Classical Kids CDs (also available as audiobooks) where the life of each composer and historical context about their music is presented as a story infused with their most-loved tunes. These include Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Bach Comes To Call, and Gershwin’s Magic Key. The 10-set series includes Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Vivaldi.

From its modest beginnings at her dining room table, series creator Susan Hammond created an Emmy-Award winning video, five acclaimed touring Symphony shows, four beautifully illustrated books, two DVDs, and acclaimed Teacher’s Notes. For her efforts, Hammond won an unprecedented six Juno Awards and has been honoured with the Order of Canada for her contribution to the Arts.

The Mozart Effect series is built upon music educator Don Campbell’s research: that music is not only rich and rewarding to experience, but a bridge to a more creative, intelligent and healthy life. Campbell’s book The Mozart Effect, was a bestseller in 1997, while the accompanying CDs The Mozart Effect Music for Children and Music for Babies series dominated the Classical Billboard charts for the following two years. Each CD is designed to enhance intelligence, inspire creativity and encourage body movement. This series combines up-to-date medical and psychological research in creative and intelligence development to provide an effective learning experience for children.

Each series is a favourite among primary school teachers and the Children’s Group provides extensive teacher resources packages that guide classes through the content on each CD, so that children of all ages can learn age-appropriate appreciation for this music. Over the last 20 years both of these series have earned accolades and awards from parent groups, educational publications and classical music organizations. Most of these CDs have been re-recorded in recent years with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra in order to benefit from modern production. They are manufactured in Canada and distributed globally, with versions available in English, Spanish, German and French.

(905) 690–9397

Indulge your imagination

Not just for Halloween, dress-up outfits from Aeromax are carefully designed to withstand the test of time. The quality is so amazing, that kids will outgrow them long before they wear them out.

Giving kids these amazing choices for costumes makes it so much fun to play dress up without raiding mom and dad’s closet. There is nothing more amazing than watching your kids pretend and have a blast doing it. Children today need playtime away from TVs, phones
and computers. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Aeromax, Inc. specializes in toys and dress-up gear that encourage creative, battery-free thinking.

Aeromax has 30+ “Get Real Gear” outfits that are designed to look exactly like uniforms and attire worn by adults in real careers. Kids love pretending to be doctors, scientists, fire fighters and so much more in these true-to-life outfits. The “Get Real Gear” Astronaut costume is so realistic, it’s sold at the Kennedy Space Center’s gift shop and at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Store. They have also shown up in TV commercials, shows and have even become the go-to dress up outfit of choice for celebrity’s kids.


Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it, sculpt it! 

A world leader and innovative company in creative play, Crazy Aaron’s has been making genuine Thinking Putty® since 1998. Founder, Crazy Aaron, has continued to trailblaze within the toy industry by establishing new product lines and brands to inspire curiosity and wonder for curious people of all ages! Known for creating the best putty on earth, Crazy Aaron’s has also reinvented a childhood classic with Land of Dough®. Land of Dough® is play dough reimagined! Handcrafted from natural ingredients and considered the most sustainable play dough product on the planet. All Crazy Aaron’s products are made with safe, nontoxic, top-quality materials and ingredients right on Main Street, USA in Norristown, PA.  

Mission: We make Thinking Putty® and other creative, innovative products to inspire curiosity and wonder and to educate and delight our customers all over the world.


Firefox Is Celebrating Its 10th Year In Business!

Firefox Toys is a family-owned business that is committed to quality educational toys.  With our products, kids can learn basic principles of flight, explore science concepts, be creative and most important of all, play outside.

In 2012, Firefox took off with our namesake product, the Firefox Glider. The Firefox was not only durable, but it was a magnet of fun for all ages, everywhere!  As we participated in a variety of shows throughout the years, such as Astra, Learning Express and the NY Toy Fair, we observed how Firefox would bring out the kid in every adult that visited our booth. Our toy was a success!

Stores that bought our product also saw the value of outside play and family oriented fun and the rest is history.

With continued quality and durable toys, made of high-quality foam, our company continues to grow with more than 15 gliders to choose from.

As today’s digital world continues to evolve, Firefox’s mission has become stronger than ever in encouraging kids to exercise their minds and bodies, and families to become engaged in outdoor play.

We continue to support the “brick and mortar” local businesses of our country as they have continued to support us since 2012.

As we embark on our 10th Anniversary, we would like to thank all of those that have supported our business and made Firefox Toys a brand they can trust.

Thank you,
Firefox Family

(850) 765-8210

What can you make with your Wikki Stix?

A snowflake, a flower…they’re easy to do and neat for little kids, cause they don’t need glue!

They stick by themselves, which is fun and fast. Make something quick or something that will last. Screens, screens…everywhere you go! Tablets, phones, iPads…you know. Kids nowadays need to re-learn PLAY…

Spark imagination, the Wikki Stix way! Kids not spunky? Feeling kinda sick? Brighten their day with some Wikki Stix! Weather too bad to play outside? Give Wikkies to a child and watch him go wild! Many preschoolers find it a chore to learn letters and numbers; for some it’s a bore. They’re hands-on and fun, the Wikki Stix way. Make learning a breeze and save the day! A bracelet…a necklace...a big fancy ring! Load up on glam and bring on the bling! Wearable Wikki Stix jewelry is fun; Lots of things to make…not just one. Cords, cords everywhere? Don’t go nuts and tear out your hair! Wrap each with a Wikki — color code them, too. The modem is red; the router is blue! Math a challenge?  No thinking cap? Fractions with Wikki Stix… it’s a snap! Middle School science a challenge, too? With Wikki Stix, it’s fun to do! Over the river and through the woods, Kids in the backseat…being good! Wikki Stix fun is quiet and clean. Best time on a trip you’ve ever seen! Kids staring at screens ‘til you wanna scream? Watching them play again isn’t a dream. With Wikki Stix, you’ve got it made in the shade. In just a minute you’ll hear, “Mom..look what I made!” Cars, planes and train rides, too. Wikkies give kids lots to do. Getting there’s now part of the fun. Hats off to you…the battle is won! Ice cream and cake and gifts galore! Birthday parties are never a bore. Wikki Fun Favors provide lots of fun. And go home with the guests when the party’s done. In a jam, not sure what you need? Wikki Stix may help tackle the deed. Stick flowers in a vase? all over the place! Fix a flat? Hmmm…not sure about that.

What’s been around for 32 years? Something you know will bring on the cheers! Easy for kids, ‘cuz they just stick; Yup…you could call it the Wikki Stix trick! Manufacturer of the Month is an honor to be; Telling our story for all to see! We gave it a twist, with stanzas and rhyme, In hopes you’d all read...and have a good time!


Meet the Maru Dolls, ready to win your heart.

Maru and Friends.com is set to celebrate 15 years of creating collectible dolls that capture the beauty of children with realistic features.  These award-winning dolls are a collaboration of famed sculptor, Dianna Effner and Maru’s founder, Maritza Gutierrez.

The main character of the doll collection started with Maru the Hispanic girl, which has two illustrated storybooks that chronicle her real-life story in America with her new friends, Forever Friends and Blue Moon Over New York.  The story takes place in New York where Maru lives, the 20-inch doll is sold with her first edition book.

The main ingredient in these doll creations seem to work, they say it’s love and passion for their work that has won the company many prestigious toy industry awards and followers from all parts of the world.  Their dolls have been recognized by The Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Gold award, the National Parenting Center, Teachers Choice Award, I-Parenting Media winner award, Toy of the Year to name a few of the doll accolades.  

Whether it’s adding another friend to the original line of 20-inch dolls or their latest creations of 13-inch dolls with jointed elbows. One thing remains true, the dolls designed all have realistic childlike faces, modern costumes and are all vinyl that feel like porcelain.  Maru and Friends manufactures fashion dolls in America that collectors of all ages can treasure and enjoy no matter the age.  Stay tuned for their 15-year Anniversary dolls which are now currently in the works.

Customer service 305-577-6878

Products from the minds of parents, for the benefit of kids everywhere.

For Kids By Parents®, Inc. was created out of the need to solve a particularly annoying parenting problem with my oldest son in his potty training phase, peeing through the gap between the toilet seat and bowl.  My attempt to solve this problem resulted in the creation of our 1st product, the P-flector®, which is our initial contribution to the juvenile products industry.  

The P-flector® is a flexible urine shield that attaches to the underside of a toilet seat and blocks the gap between the toilet seat and bowl, preventing seated potty-training kids from peeing through the gap.  The P-flector® therefore keeps potty training kids’ clothes and floors dry; say goodbye to cleaning up urine puddles, yellow stains down the front of the toilet or yellow stained floors in front of the toilet.  The P-flector® is easy to attach, can be cleaned in place and saves parents and care-takers time and avoids the frustration of cleaning up the mess associated with this type of potty-training accident.  

The P-flector® is made of a flexible material that allows it to conform to the shape of both flat bottom round and elongated toilet seats.  It can also attach to some curved bottom seats.  It’s attached to the seat with pressure sensitive double-sided tape and once attached, it can stay in place for extended periods of time.  While the tape is not permanent, additional tape is available to reapply it as needed.  

The P-flector® has won the 2021 Mom’s Choice Award, and Creative Child Magazine’s 2020 and 2019 Product of the Year Award in their Potty-Training Category.  It was also a nominee for the All Baby & Child 2018 New Product Award of Distinction in the Parent Helpers Category.  While we did not win this award, we were very happy with the nomination.

While the P-flector® was designed for potty training kids, For Kids By Parents®, Inc. has learned that individuals with special needs and seniors also use the P-flector®.  We are happy to see that the P-flector® can benefit a wide range of users.  The P-flector® (and additional tape) are available on Amazon.com.  


A new kind of publisher, for a new kind of reader 

Reading is changing.

We live in an age of distractions, with entire industries built around the goal of getting our attention. At the same time, the popularity of short-form entertainment has exploded. Given these trends, it’s only natural for our attention spans to be decreasing, and our patterns of consuming information to be changing.

Where does Second Story Up fit in?
Long-form fiction is our passion, exciting stories of adventure and mystery that also speak in terms of metaphor and analogy. The best story, for us, is one that’s fast and easy to read. It takes us away from the world, but stays with us long after we’re done reading. It leaves us asking questions and looking around with new eyes.

The mission of Second Story Up is to bring those kinds of experiences to today’s readers.

Our first two books, Bradley's Dragons and The Boy With The Sword, are award-winning books for kids aged 8 - 16. They're available in hardback, paperback, and e-book.

Those are just the beginning. While we continue to work on more books, we’re also building new ways to share our stories, and by "our" we don’t mean just the ones we are writing.

Those are only the beginning.

Second Story Up
PO Box 621166
Oviedo, FL 32762

Japanese Blind Box Miniature Figurines by BCmini

Japanese Blind Box Figurines are the Newest and Hottest Product from BCmini! A traditional Japanese game of chance adds to the exciting experience of each box as you never know which one you will get! This is the perfect item for unboxing videos and collectors.

Designed and distributed by Japan, each set comes in a beautiful and colorful POP display box showing all the possible figurines in each set. Every box includes a highly detailed painted miniature figurine. The miniature size makes these items the perfect gift that is the perfect size to place anywhere around the home. Choose from a wide variety of cute and silly animal figurines, colorful gummy buddies, intricate Samurai Armor and more!

Each POP box can be opened and placed on your store shelves directly. Sets come with 10 to 16 individually sealed boxes depending on the style. Each piece costs $3 wholesale with a suggested retail of $6.99 each.

These Blind Boxes are considered limited editions and are sought out by collectors. Be sure to get your complete sets before they are gone!

Established in 1977 BCmini is an American wholesale company and distributor for fun and unique Japanese stationary and toys. Visit BCmini.com to view all categories of products with multiple images or call toll-free, 800-592-9000, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm PST.  

101 Quint Street, San Francisco, CA 94124

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