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Every Body Can Do It with ChulaHoops USA

Every Body Can Do It ! It’s not opinion, it’s geometry. Toroidal Equilibrium is the secret. ChulaHoops knows, they hooped with over 20,000 people during R&D.

If you have never been able to hoop before, it was not your fault. It was the fault of the hoop.Yesterday’s hoop worked for less than a third of the population. ChulaHoops USA makes premium quality hula hoops that are sized and designed for success. ChulaHoops work for 85% on the first try.

ChulaHoops come in three sizes. The Extreme ChulaHoop is ideal for Plus, Tall, Athletes, People who could never hoop before and People who love BIG things. The Original ChulaHoop is for Average Adults and Plus or Tall Children. Junior ChulaHoop is for Children under 42”, Rythmic gymnastics and Advanced Flow Arts.

The right size ChulaHoop means you will be able to sustain it. Online Classes & Challenges are available for All Ages. Enjoy all the benefits to your body, mind and spirit!

ChulaHooping Builds Core Strength,Refines Motor Skills, Aids Balance, Improves Posture, Promotes Well being and Improves Comprehension and Creativity.

ChulaHoops come in Three Color Collections:Red, White & Blue, Retro Fruit Stripe and Festival featuring Sparkly & UV Glow.

Now you can get the famously successful , high quality, Original ChulaHoop in a Box. It is convertible, 3 sizes in 1. It is Perfect in size and balance, easiest to use ever with Compact interlocking ribs. ChulaHoops in boxes make merchandising easy. ChulaHoops concentric labeling/hanging system makes it easy to display hoops in a window, on a wall or from the ceiling.


Rip-ROARing Good Time!

What has Aeromax been up to lately?

It has been 23 years and counting since Aeromax set out to create dress up to inspire and spark the imaginations of children. From its start with a tangle-free toy parachute to its “Get Real Gear” career-oriented costumes, toys, hats, and accessories, Aeromax continues to lead the pack with fun innovative ideas.  

Here at Aeromax, we have answered the call to add Mesozoic Era fun to our ever-expansive selection of goodies.

By using the equation of fun + dinosaurs, the answer started to become very clear. Aeromax is very proud to introduce “Dino-Faurs”. Four-Wheeled rip-ROARing Dinosaur fun for ages 3 and up. As kid powered toys go, no batteries required for endless hours of four-wheel tricks, all to be had with a simple pull back and let them go excitement. Available in Green, Blue, or Red. All are highlighted with a crackle finish which gives them the Dinosaur look. The mouth opens wide and the tail can be repositioned to allow for wheelie tricks and more. Product size is approximately 7” x 4” x 4.5”.  

By digging deeper into our creative minds, Aeromax has designed the ultimate high-quality, everyday jacket that our Jr. Dino-enthusiast friends will be proud to show off. Introducing to our esteemed “Get Real Gear” line of dress-up is our all new Jr. Paleontologist Jacket. This cool jacket is adorned with an abundance of unique and original paleontology related patches on the chest and sleeves. Spanning the rear of the jacket is a colorful and ever so popular T-Rex fossil skull. Available in two sizes, Youth Small and Youth Extra Small, fitting a general age range of 2-4 & 4-8 respectively.

What better way to top the adorable jackets off than with your choice of either a Bucket style or Baseball style Dino-Hat. The 50cm Jr. Dinosaur Bucket Hat is adorned with “T-REX” displayed on the front along with a screened T-Rex fossil skull sitting atop the dome. The 54cm adjustable Jr. Dinosaur Baseball Cap is decked out with a high-quality Dinosaur Expedition patch and the two-tone color pallet smartly matches the Jr. Paleontologist Jacket.


Scented and Cool Products for Kids and Crafters

Over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Red Star Holdings Ltd created multiple lines of scented and cool products for kids and crafters. All of our scented products have various styles of innovations, such as Markers, Crayons, Highlighter pens, Pens, Eraser, Stickers, Sketch pads, Pencil case and Stationery & Artist set etc are patented with “Touch Scents”  or Formulated Scents. Recently, we also developed Top Welcomed No Mess DieTye Markers, 3D CreatorZ, Make-it-Snappy tote bag, Paint a Pillow kits, and Pet Toys, not only scented!  We have licensed with many great famous brands like NBC Universal, Warner Bros., DreamsWorks, Disney, Marvel and MGA to merge their popular characters with our innovative and creative products and many more for each individual & unique markets and customers. Red Star is one of the leading manufacturers that registered in Hong Kong and State with with fully-equipped production facilities in China, Vietnam, Korea and Malaysia. It has strong ability and capacity for a full range of service, from licensed artworks, products designs, sample mockup presentation, OEM, & ODM production, sales distrubution in Some countries. Red Star invests its own production factories to ensure superior manufacturing quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing for its customers.

Red Star setup its independent Studio Houses in State, Hong Kong and China, which offers unique 2D & 3D Artworks Designs, Work with inventors and worldwide designers. The company has acquired ISO 9001: 2000 certificate, Conform with different international social liability, Factories are also audit by WAL-MART, Target, TESCO, Dollar General, CVS, Wal-Green, SEARS, Disney, LEGO etc …. Its products also conform to EN71 part 1, 2, 3 and 9, LHAMA, ASTM D-4236, BS7272 part 1, 2, ASTM F963, USP-51, USP-61, USP-61 etc as well as other international standards.  

For Sales Rep. Importers & Distributors to be working with us, please contact us by sales@rshl.com.
Lewis Chan
I-Studio Solutions Ltd.
901, 9/F., Tower 2, Phase 1, Enterprise Square,
9 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 23660809

Armchair Fun... For Seniors!

You’ve heard us say it for years...ages 3 to 103! And, we now have a product speci cally designed for that second age group.

Armchair Fun for Seniors came out of our work with Occupational Therapists as well as with the Life Enrichment Directors at Senior Living Facilities. The need: something easy to see, easy to use, reusable, and forgiving.

Just as Wikki Stix Creatables work well for preschoolers, those same characteristics make them an ideal medium for the senior crowd. Bright and colorful...easy for older eyes to see; soft and pliable... easy for arthritic ngers to work with. Endlessly reusable and totally forgiving...makes them ideal for all ages! Plus, Wikki Stix help with concentration and focus.

Working with three Senior Living Facilities in the Phoenix area, we learned what kinds of activities are most popular in the arts and crafts programs...and what kinds of materials the Activity Director looks for.

And...Armchair Fun for Seniors was created! Fun and entertaining, it is well suited for use as a solitary pastime...as well as for interaction with family and friends. Armchair Fun for Seniors comes with a sturdy lapboard, so Wikki Stix doodling and creativity can be enjoyed in the comfort of a favorite chair.

You’ve had the question, “what can you suggest for my grandfather to do, now that he’s moved in with us?” With 96 Wikki Stix and lots of activities, Armchair Fun for Seniors is the perfect answer.

We have also created a large, commercial size kit, designed for use in senior living facilities. Both the Armchair Fun for at-home use and the larger package are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

info@wikkistix.com | 800-869-4554

Wrebbit Expands its Harry PotterTM 3D Puzzle Selection!

Wrebbit has been entertaining Harry PotterTM fans for over four years now with stunning replicas of famous buildings from the Wizarding World such as Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley, e Burrow and e Knight Bus.

Two years ago, Wrebbit has introduced the Diagon AlleyTM Collection which gives Harry PotterTM fans the opportunity to assemble 3D puzzles of this famous street’s most emblematic shops. ey can organize and shape their own alleyway as they collect their favorite stores and boutiques. Each puzzle depicts two shops in vibrant colors and stunning details. Four models are now available in this collection.


With this 11th Harry Potter model, Wrebbit is now tapping into new grounds. e three Broomsticks is a popular inn and pub located in Hogsmeade, the all wizarding village neighboring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry and his friends enjoyed meeting there during school break to chat while sipping a butterbeer.

The three Broomsticks is depicted into a winter scene with snow on its roof and on surrounding grounds because it is often visited by students during the Christmas break. It gives this new model a distinct aspect that will certainly please 3D puzzle a cionados.


Children are naturally inspired by the simplicity of soft granular sand - a boundless medium. Watch as they will dig, pile, sift, compact and more. Sandtastik® Sparkling White Play Sand provides tactile and sensory stimulation necessary for the development of a child's imagination, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills such as shoulder stability, forearm rotation, wrist control, and hand strength. Sand play also encourages creativity, visualization and social interaction.

With the growing concern for health and safety in children's products, it is important to minimize the potential dangers from various unknown sources of sand. This is why our play sand products are the preferred choice for sandboxes, sand & water tables, sand trays in schools, child care centers, children's museums, therapeutic practices, hospitals, and homes around the globe. Our process begins with a specific type of silica-deficient rock and ends with the safety approval from the Toxicology Professionals at the Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC.


Join The Movement!

Join The Movement! 

My First Workout® is a progressive strength and conditioning program created by Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Miller, for children ages 5-10 to do at home with a parent. This award winning program starts with the My First Workout® kit.  

The kit contains the first workout program in the series consisting of 13 of the very best exercises for children and 8 pieces of custom, kid-size equipment.  Exercise programs come in both video and poster format so parents can confidently teach the exercises to their children. Additional equipment and programs 2-12 are sold individually on the myfirstworkout.com website. 

My First workout® was designed with every type of child in mind from serious athlete to average Joe, advanced skill level to complete beginner, and everyone in-between. This step-by-step program makes it easy for parents to teach their children how to establish a consistent habit of exercise which Michelle believes is the answer to eliminating many of the biggest threats facing the health and well-being of children today.  

A child who goes through the My First Workout® program will learn proper lifting technique, safe and effective ways to evenly strengthen and tone the major muscle groups, enhance coordination, balance and stamina, learn proper protocol for warming-up, cooling-down and stretching and most importantly, develop a habit of exercise from the earliest age possible.  

All of the uncertainty from the complicated and often misunderstood world of strength training is put aside and what remains is verbal conversation, eye-to-eye contact and a necessary break from technology so the family unit can re-connect and develop skills that will positively influence them the rest of their life.   






Indulge you Imagination

Since 1997 Aeromax has set out to create dress up to spark the imaginations in children. Even though the company began with a tangle-free toy parachute, Aeromax is probably best known for its high-quality dress up gear for infants, adults, and everyone in between.
Not just for Halloween, dress-up outfits from Aeromax are carefully designed to withstand the test of time. The quality is so amazing, that kids will outgrow them long before they wear them out.

Giving kids these amazing choices for costumes makes it so much fun to play dress up without raiding mom and dad’s closet. There is nothing more amazing than watching your kids pretend and have a blast doing it. Children today need playtime away from TVs, phones and computers. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Aeromax, Inc. specializes in toys and dress-up gear that encourage creative, battery-free thinking.

Aeromax has 30+ “Get Real Gear” outfits that are designed to look exactly like uniforms and attire worn by adults in real careers. Kids love pretending to be doctors, scientists, fire fighters and so much more in these true-to-life outfits. The “Get Real Gear” Astronaut costume is so realistic, it’s sold at the Kennedy Space Center’s gift shop and at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Store. They have also shown up in TV commercials, shows and have even become the go-to dress up outfit of choice for celebrity’s kids.




F.G.A. Inc.™, the gift, game and puzzle people since 1987, announces the acquisition of Bojeux™ product lines and manufacturing plant. Founded in 1976, Bojeux™ is the creator of well-loved Tutti Frutti™ Scented Modeling Dough that first made Bojeux™ a major player in the Canadian toy industry.

Made in Canada according to Bojeux’s™ homemade recipe, Tutti Frutti™ scented modeling clay is nontoxic, antibacterial and salted in taste. It can be mixed to create a beautiful variety of colours and is easily re-hydrated. With 32 vibrant colours, its malleable texture and 23 different scents, Tutti Frutti™ scented modeling clay inspires creativity.
It’s One Stop Shopping at F.G.A. Inc.™

Along with an extensive line-up of popular products for children and grown-ups already in the F.G.A. Inc.™ portfolio, such as Tantrix™, Cathedral™, and the extensive Little Moppet™ brand lines, the addition of Bojeux™ adds Matchitecture™, Roll-O-Puzz™, Play Art™, Trendy Art™ and the Canadian made Rustik™ line of wooden games into the F.G.A. line-up.

About this new acquisition, Mr. David, co-founder and CEO of F.G. Inc./F.G.A. Inc. said, "When we started in the toy industry in 1987, our first significant sale was to Bojeux™; and now, we are poised for growth together, continuing to build our portfolio of multi award-winning and eco-responsible products for the gift, game, puzzle, toy and educational market.”

About F.G. Inc./F.G.A. Inc.
A worldwide manufacturer, licensor and distributor F.G. Inc./F.G.A. Inc. welcomed USA-based Reeve+Jones line into its fold in 2018, expanding their line to include a new category of joke kits into their line-up. Children's indoor/outdoor play sets, books and dolls have also been added through the years.

Look for us at the Dallas Gift Show - #478 Macmanemin and the Minneapolis Gift Show -#B122 Ketz

514-485-1834 / info@familygamesamerica.com

A toy for all reasons...and all seasons! 

As the manufacturer of Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables, we are proud of the fact that there is a product in our line for almost all types of occasions, ages, activities, holidays and educational opportunities.  

Imagine...a toy that is not only fun and engaging for kids...but for Mom and Dad as well. Parents actually become involved and share the fun and laughter of Wikki Stix creativity.  
Great for interactive family time.

And holidays...we’ve got them covered. Wikki Stix Halloween paks are the non-candy trick-or-treat giveaway recommended by ten out of ten dentists! Our Easter Fun Favors are perfect in Easter Baskets and our Holiday Fun Favors are great stocking stuffers. Plus, we have an adorable Holiday Activity book to keep little ones busy while waiting for Santa.
Wikki Stix have long been regarded as the best travel toy on the planet...clean, quiet and engaging enough to entertain children on long flights. And now, with an emphasis on finding an alternative to tablets, phones and iPads, Wikki Stix are being described as the perfect screen-free travel toy.

Widely used as a teaching tool in schools, Wikki Stix are also available for in-home educational applications, from our Early Learning Trio to Middle School level science projects with our STEM Pak.

Super Wikki Stix are the ultimate in Wikki fun! Kids can be creative on a big scale with three-foot long Wikki Stix.

And, because we feel so strongly that creative, engaging play is important, we are proud to again be the sponsor of National Unplugged Play Day, taking place this year on Sept. 28th. To sponsor an Unplugged Play Day in your store, visit wikkistix.com/unplug to sign up!


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