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Odyssey Toys' New Lineup!

As always, Odyssey Toys delights with a wide variety of toys and games that will entertain the whole clan and 2020 is no different.

Introducing a 3-piece package from our Lit Sports line, which focuses on light up sport balls. It is not always easy to pry your little ones away from their tablets and phones and force them to go outside and get into sports.  This set includes an LED basketball, LED football and LED soccer ball, all of which shine brightly to keep you and/or your kids entertained for hours on end, in the day and night!

Next up are two additions to our exceedingly popular Creepy Critter Collection. You might be startled at first by how real they look, but once you realize they are just more brilliant critters made by Odyssey Toys, you will breathe a sigh of relief!

Check out the Angry Anaconda, which is twice the size of the popular Slithering Snake. This specimen contorts it’s body and flicks it’s tongue as you control it via remote control. Witness it slither over various surfaces, from carpet and tile to pavement. The Meddling Mouse resemble and mimics its real-lifelike counterpart! It might even catch the attention of any cats that happen to be lurking nearby! These large and furry critters will keep you mesmerized and entertained for hours on end.

Finally, Odyssey Toys brings a new line of fun and easy to use Stunt Cars.  Featured here is the Tank Twister, a remote-controlled monster tank that methodically plods and twists all over any surface. Its ability to take on just about anything in its way, rotate 180 degrees and flip over and crawl on walls will keep anyone who controls it entertained for hours! You’ll be amazed at how smoothly this toy moves for being such a burly, intimidating machine.


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