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Soft, safe and FUN! Eco-friendly and natural toys.

In the search for safe sensory toys, whether for a one-year old or a child with special needs, Rubbabu offers a range of toys that encourage kids to develop their creativity and learn useful motor, spatial and social skills. 

What makes them so green? Well, they are made from the sap of the rubber tree, which is extracted without harming the tree. It's a renewable resource and comes to us from nature. In fact, natural rubber is biodegradable! The toys are hand made, with comparatively very little fossil fuel, at an eco-friendly and fair trade factory in India.

Rubbabu toys are kept simple in the belief that children learn by engaging in "make-believe" or imaginative play with open ended toys. Made from natural rubber foam with a fuzzy flocked surface, they are the perfect first toy for baby. When a baby is still too young for wooden toys, it's not too early to start learning with these squishy and natural toys.

Beyond meeting the strictest European and American safety standards for toys, Rubbabu toys are soft and bouncy – easy for parents to supervise, and kind to one’s furniture and home – ideally suited for indoor play.

They are specially helpful for children with special needs, for whom a soft and sensory toy is perfect, because they can learn safely without hurting themselves

This range has won over 50 toy awards, over the last 10 years from prestigious organizations including Dr. Toy, The Parents' Choice Foundation, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Academic's Choice, TNPC (The National Parenting Center), NAPPA, and PAL (Play Advances Learning). 

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