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The premiere company in North America presenting award-winning classical music for children

For over 30 years the Children’s Group has been producing award-winning collections of music that introduce children to the best Classical composers in history. Our goal is to provide children with an engaging educational point of entry into the world of classical music through stories that bring the great composers to life, creating an emotional connection to their masterpieces, and inspiring personal development through exposure that leads children to to greater achievement and success in life.

Our series includes the Classical Kids CDs (also available as audiobooks) where the life of each composer and historical context about their music is presented as a story infused with their most-loved tunes. These include Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Bach Comes To Call, and Gershwin’s Magic Key. The 10-set series includes Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Vivaldi.

From its modest beginnings at her dining room table, series creator Susan Hammond created an Emmy-Award winning video, five acclaimed touring Symphony shows, four beautifully illustrated books, two DVDs, and acclaimed Teacher’s Notes. For her efforts, Hammond won an unprecedented six Juno Awards and has been honoured with the Order of Canada for her contribution to the Arts.

The Mozart Effect series is built upon music educator Don Campbell’s research: that music is not only rich and rewarding to experience, but a bridge to a more creative, intelligent and healthy life. Campbell’s book The Mozart Effect, was a bestseller in 1997, while the accompanying CDs The Mozart Effect Music for Children and Music for Babies series dominated the Classical Billboard charts for the following two years. Each CD is designed to enhance intelligence, inspire creativity and encourage body movement. This series combines up-to-date medical and psychological research in creative and intelligence development to provide an effective learning experience for children.

Each series is a favourite among primary school teachers and the Children’s Group provides extensive teacher resources packages that guide classes through the content on each CD, so that children of all ages can learn age-appropriate appreciation for this music. Over the last 20 years both of these series have earned accolades and awards from parent groups, educational publications and classical music organizations. Most of these CDs have been re-recorded in recent years with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra in order to benefit from modern production. They are manufactured in Canada and distributed globally, with versions available in English, Spanish, German and French.

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