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Award Winning THINK TANK SCHOLAR SIGHT WORD & MATH FLASHCARD sets targeting preschool and elementary students- Modern design appealing to today’s parents and kids- Superior cards crafted with glossy finish for extra durability and handling- High quality box for storage and portability.


- 520 words, segmented by grade level (PreK-3rd)- Covers 75% of words found in Kindergarten books- Curated from Dolch and Fry lists- Preview word on the back corner eliminates need to flip cards over- Large size and bold font for easy reading- Single angled corner for easier sorting and orienting- 6 Teaching Methods & 6 Fun Games.


- All Facts (0-12) plus bonus facts for extra practice- Unique Tab system to organize mastered vs unmastered cards- Graphic illustration on each card aids understanding of math concept- Single rounded corner for easier sorting and orienting of cards- Color coded factors for targeted practice- Full chart (0-12) of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction- 5 Teaching Methods and 5 Fun Games.



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