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uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

uKloo(pronounced you-clue) Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game was invented by a mom who was challenged by her reluctant reader who would literally hide when time for reading homework. She decided to approach the problem creatively, turn the tables and “hide the reading”. The result is a new game with a unique take on “treasure hunting” that gets kids reading, laughing and learning with no idea that what they are doing is educational!

And by the way…her reluctant reader is now in University majoring in…. SURPRISE! ...English Literature!

uKloo is a new and exciting children's literacy game that has kids actively running around their homes on a "reading" treasure hunt. Giggles abound as the children find and read each new clue card that leads them on their ruckus adventure!  

uKloo boosts reading confidence and promotes independence. It builds sight reading (visual word recognition), provides basics of sentence structure and introduces research skills. And, it's a new game each time you play!
Easy to set up and loads of fun to play! Each box contains 42 Clue Cards with 3 color coded levels of achievement, a "Picture Helper" reference poster and 12 blank "Surprise" cards for your child's favorite treats, events or privileges.  

"FOUR THUMBS UP FOR uKloo!" (from a group of daycare kids holding up thumbs and big toes!)

“uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game, created by mother, Doreen Dotto for her children "uKloo" is an excellent and easy literacy game we love here at ABC Life Literacy Canada! Learn more about it at www.ukloo.com and thanks to Doreen for sharing this game with us!”
-ABC Life Literacy on their facebook site

“uKloo is a Breakthrough early reader game that teaches reading through play. A “must have” activity for any parent who wants their children to become confident readers.”
– Annie Wood, President Inventive Women & Inventive Kids, Award winning children’s book author “the Sandwich”

“uKloo is a child’s rite of passage from the spoken word to the written word.”
-Norman Rudd, Educational Leader of the Year/Council for Exceptional Children

“My child love uKloo and has no idea that it is educational!”
-Janet MacFarland, Mom with a child in kindergarten

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