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Jump Into a New Dimension

The pack is BACK, the original MadPax. We rock what is new and now for kids of all ages. Request a fly by and see what is on board for the Pack to School season.
 MadPax has the packfolio; the perfect case for definitive documents or laptop as well as the small pint, a picture perfect pack for those ages 1 to 3 and running free!



Rubie’s Acquires BuySeasons

Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc. announced that they acquired BuySeasons, Inc. located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. 

With the enhanced capabilities of BuySeasons,  Rubie’s will be able to offer their customers one of the most modern and efficient third party logistic facilities capable of fulfilling all costume and party needs.

Howard J. Beige, Executive Vice President of the Rubie’s organization said, " BuySeasons will now allow Rubie's to offer the leading fulfillment operation to our wholesale customers. We are extremely pleased to finally be able to offer a state-of-the-art  fulfillment solution for our customers".

Giuseppe (Joe) Soccodato, the Global Chief Financial Officer of Rubie's continued "I am very excited with the thought of joining together two of the leading companies in the Halloween and Party industry. This is sure to expand the range and variety of products available in the market while providing a best in class delivery system to the consumer."

Rick Barton, President of BuySeasons said "Partnering  with Rubie's will allow BuySeasons to dramatically increase our product offering as well as enhance our worldwide sourcing abilities. BuySeasons is very excited when we think about the synergistic benefits of this exciting combination as we look forward to enhancing our customer experience."

An All American company on a mission!

And that mission is:

To produce a unique and amazing product that will delight, inspire and entertain children; bring peace, quiet and joy to parents and grandparents; and stimulate the creative soul of everyone whose hands are touched by Wikkies.

Long regarded as the best travel toy out there, Wikki Stix are currently offered on five airlines as part of the kids’ meal program. Two new items in the Wikki Stix line address this fact:  The Traveler,  for kids 6 and up, and the Lil’ Traveler for the 3-5 year old crowd. 

Each offers plenty of Wikki Stix plus activities and materials to stave off boredom on planes, in the backseat, and at Grandma’s when the adults are all busy talking !  And each is in a cute red carry case.

Capitalizing on the fun and playful aspect of Wikki Stix, the company has a number of promotions centering on the Wikki Stix Fun Truck, a 1934 Ford Pickup.  “What better way to symbolize our all- American pride than with another all American classic," commented  Kem Clark, President of the Wikki Stix Co.

One major concept built around the truck is a program promoting stores who carry Wikki Stix, featuring the truck making a Wikki Stix delivery to that store.  Photos of the store and truck are posted on all social media sites, letting customers know where Wikki Stix are available.

On the more serious side, Wikki Stix are also widely used as a teaching tool and educational toy, offering fine motor skill applications, mistake-proof learning and tactile interaction for children with special needs. 

In business for 27 years, the Wikki Stix Co. is now seeing second-generation Wikki kids.... children of young parents who enjoyed Wikki Stix when they were kids.

TMI Toymarketing Intl., Inc. Owner Announces Retirement and Company Closure

Wilfried G. Demisch, Owner and President of TMI Toymarketing Intl., Inc. announced his retirement from business and the closure of the company by July 31,2017.

TMI has been importing and distributing the Gymnic Line by Ledraplastic S.p.A. Osoppo, Italy to the Specialty Toy Trade in the United States for over 32 years. Ledraplastic “Gymnic” has named “KETTLER” International, Inc. as their new US distributor, effective August 1, 2017.

TMI will continue accepting and shipping customers’ orders until July 21, 2017. The TMI San Diego office will remain open and staffed as needed into August and September 2017 and will redirect customers’ inquiries and orders to KETTLER USA.

SpinTales: Interactive Storytelling Magic of through the Augmented Reality

A New Spin on Story Telling

The advancements in technology have changed the way children play forever. Twenty years ago, children were outside until suppertime playing and burning off any excess energy from the day.

Today, smartphones and tablets have created a plugged-in world where instant gratification is the norm, and exploration, active learning and engagement with people have fallen to the wayside.

TILT Textiles is changing all that by creating products that ensure family time is more engaging and children are actively learning while playing with technology. SpinTales offers a fresh perspective on traditional play by turning story time into playtime with the new Jungle Rug and Enchanted Duvet.

The SpinTales Enchanted Duvet and Jungle Rug combine beautiful, quality textiles with augmented reality to create magical experiences by bringing characters and stories to life. Jump into a river with Milo, discover things big and small or do yoga with a frog. There is even a chance to spend time with Little Red while she finds her way to grandma’s house and meets the wolf!

SpinTales delivers creative and dynamic experiences for both parents and children through augmented reality, and offers an opportunity to play and learn at the same time.

Jump Into a New Dimension

The pack is BACK, the original MadPax

The pack is BACK, the original MadPax. We rock what is new and now for kids of all ages. Request a fly by and see what is on board for the Pack to School season.

MadPax has the packfolio; the perfect case for definitive documents or laptop as well as the small pint, a picture perfect pack for those ages 1 to 3 and running free!

The world is dynamic and backpacks should be no different. We kick down the door to what is new and NOW. We rock packs that are three pounds punk, a cup of funk and a dash of double dare.

MadPax are 3D inspired backpacks and power-packcessories that are the perfect fusion of fashion and funk-tionality. Our unique packs have all the pouches, pockets and zippered capacity that make no concession to utility.

Welcome to the fun factory. We've been waiting for you!


UGears Mechanical Model Kits

UGEARS is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model kits designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material.

Some of our models draw inspiration from real-life mechanisms, some embody our unique ideas, and all of them have been designed by UGEARS from scratch. Our models are the original all-occasional gift, fun and smart hobby for kids and grown-ups of all ages. We’ve employed engineering know-how and production fine-tuning to ensure the assembly of our models is an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family. We are very serious about the quality of our kits: apart from meticulous product testing and quality control, we source plywood from responsible and sustainable sources. In addition, while looking for a way to make the assembly experience smooth and enjoyable for our customers, we invented and patented our very own plywood joint design. And that’s only a start.

UGEARS is a startup established in 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Today, less than three years later, UGEARS offers 20 unique models of gorgeous, intelligent design. The hobbyists are assembling UGEARS models in 80 countries across 5 continents, and we care deeply about the great support, priceless feedback, and kind advice we have received from each of them.

In our age of electronics people still want to be creative with their hands and mind, seeking that rewarding feeling of constructing something with their own hands, inviting their kids and grandkids into the awesome (and, admittedly, old-school but yet-so-cool!) world of mechanics.

Join us in bringing these unforgettable moments to DIYers of all ages!

WC Redmon & Co. - Pack & Stack

These durable storage/organizer are excellent for kids' rooms, closets, garages and play areas. Even when full and stacked, the wide-mouth opening allows for easy access to contents and for that quick clean-up. 

Great for storing clothes, toys, sporting equipment and more. Four simple-to-use slid-out tabs easily enables several organizers to be stacked on top of each other, or when moved to the opposite position allows them to be nested for storage saving much space. 

Available in Green, Yellow and Red.  Each unit measures 19.75"x 15"x 12.625"H.   
W.C. Redmon Co. Inc.
P.O. Box 7
Peru Indiana 46970
765 473 6683

Green Kids Club Environmental Adventure Stories Celebrate Our Earth!

All humans, animals and life in this world need clean air and water, healthy food, and someplace safe to live free from pollution - as well as an environment where we no longer have endangered species. We can all help accomplish this by reusing items, reducing and recycling waste, raising foods we eat in an environmentally safe manner, planting trees to help reduce carbon dioxide, keeping our waters free from pollution, and teaching others the importance of preserving our environment and its animals.  Green Kids Club stories are written to introduce these ideals to children via action adventure stories.

In the stories, the Grand Council of Animals has selected Victor, Maya, and little Tiago to help save the world’s animals and protect their habitats. They have given the Green Kids the ability to talk with animals by drinking water from a magical green spring that appears around the world. In each adventure story, the Green Kids travel to different countries visiting friends who also become Green Kids. The Green Kids use their problem solving abilities to help animals deal with difficult environmental situations such as poaching, endangered species, and habitat encroachment. 
Green Kids Club stories revolve around: worldwide locations, local friends to introduce different cultures, feature animals that are always key to story development (usually an endangered species), a Science Section to reinforce the issue introduced in the story, and an Animal Photo & Fact Section to show what the animals really look like.

The stories encourage children in a variety of ways; at an early age children learn the importance of preserving our environment, they learn that they are empowered to make a difference, and they learn the importance of getting regular exercise by seeing the Green Kids be active, hiking and enjoying our world.

Green Kids Club currently has 12 titles and Plush Toys (including a camping set which allows the children to play act their own stories), four Cartoons, and books with Junior, Christian, Spanish/English, German, and Kinyarwanda Translations. Green Kids recently acquired two different licenses, with Aurora and NAWI. Through these licenses they created 3 additional story lines with YooHoo and Friends and a dinosaur story with NAWI.

There is also a FREE on-line “Green Kids Club” with activities and challenges for kids.  Children who do “green things” get points and will gain rewards by doing so - see www.greenkidsclub.com


Carma Games: Think in a blink with SLAPZI!

From the creators of TENZI comes SLAPZI, the fast-matching, card-slapping, everyone-laughing picture game!  SLAPZI is all about speed. Be the first to match all 5 of your picture cards to the right clue cards and you’re the winner. For example, if a clue card reads, “It’s round” then quickly slap down a picture of something round (like the moon, or a tennis ball, or even a doughnut). SLAPZI is super-simple to learn and super-fast to play!  

SLAPZI promotes visual perception skills as players look at the picture cards and interpret the images. SLAPZI strengthens cognitive skills and boosts quick thinking as players determine which cards fit into a given category. SLAPZI encourages dexterity and speed as players race to slap the correct card down. Playing with a group boosts social and interactive skills.

SLAPZI is a perfect party game, whether with a roomful of friends or the whole family.

To order SLAPZI, contact Steve@ilovetenzi.com or call 203-622-8117. And stop by booth 500 at ToyFest West to try your hand at SLAPZI.

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