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She's A Doll!

Collectible dolls in 13 & 20-inches that look just like kids. They’ll play, collect & love them forever!

NY Toy Fair Booth 6073

Jenga® GIANT™ Hardwood Game

All the fun of the classic Jenga® game, but GIANT!  54 oversized genuine hardwood blocks made to exacting manufacturing specifications.  3 different GIANT sizes available.  It's a game and a sport!

See Jenga® GIANT at New York Toy Fair:

John N. Hansen Company Booth: 434 johnhansenco.com

Continuum Games Booth: 139 continuumgames.com

Wrebbit Expands its Harry PotterTM 3D Puzzle Selection!

Wrebbit has been entertaining Harry PotterTM fans for over four years now with stunning replicas of famous buildings from the Wizarding World such as Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley, e Burrow and e Knight Bus.

Two years ago, Wrebbit has introduced the Diagon AlleyTM Collection which gives Harry PotterTM fans the opportunity to assemble 3D puzzles of this famous street’s most emblematic shops. ey can organize and shape their own alleyway as they collect their favorite stores and boutiques. Each puzzle depicts two shops in vibrant colors and stunning details. Four models are now available in this collection.


With this 11th Harry Potter model, Wrebbit is now tapping into new grounds. e three Broomsticks is a popular inn and pub located in Hogsmeade, the all wizarding village neighboring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry and his friends enjoyed meeting there during school break to chat while sipping a butterbeer.

The three Broomsticks is depicted into a winter scene with snow on its roof and on surrounding grounds because it is often visited by students during the Christmas break. It gives this new model a distinct aspect that will certainly please 3D puzzle a cionados.

Corolle Makes Vibrant 2020 Debut with both Classic Offerings and On-Trend Delights 

Corolle, the premium doll brand designed in France, kicks off the New Year with a colorful splash when it showcases their 2020 Collection at this year’s New York Toy Fair.

Their 2020 line captivates with Rainbow Dolls, a “rainbows and unicorns” theme of soft-bodied dolls with brightly colored hair that are dressed in delightful outfits, as well as an enchanting Swan Royale collection for spring and summer. To mark the holiday season, Corolle’s Winter Sparkle collection of dolls and accessories in a white and pale blue will offer unforgettable gifts for little ones.

“After celebrating our 40th Anniversary last year, we wanted to keep the excitement   alive by bringing these wonderfully vibrant and memorable dolls to children this year,” said Muriel Joron, Marketing Manager of Corolle SAS. “The Corolle brand has truly withstood the test of time by mastering the art of combining classic play with the latest trends and play patterns.”

Corolle dolls are treasured by children and handed down from generation to generation throughout Europe and around the world.  

“There is nothing like the magic that happens when a baby or young child sees a Corolle doll for the first time,” said Joron. “The love and utter devotion on the child’s face when they hug and hold their Corolle baby doll is what truly sets the brand apart from our competition.
Headquartered in France’s Loire Valley, Corolle has a reputation - earned over four decades - for quality materials and classic design. Corolle dolls are made to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish.
For more information on Corolle, visit us.corolle.com.



Children are naturally inspired by the simplicity of soft granular sand - a boundless medium. Watch as they will dig, pile, sift, compact and more. Sandtastik® Sparkling White Play Sand provides tactile and sensory stimulation necessary for the development of a child's imagination, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills such as shoulder stability, forearm rotation, wrist control, and hand strength. Sand play also encourages creativity, visualization and social interaction.

With the growing concern for health and safety in children's products, it is important to minimize the potential dangers from various unknown sources of sand. This is why our play sand products are the preferred choice for sandboxes, sand & water tables, sand trays in schools, child care centers, children's museums, therapeutic practices, hospitals, and homes around the globe. Our process begins with a specific type of silica-deficient rock and ends with the safety approval from the Toxicology Professionals at the Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC.


Spin It, Twist It, Shake It, It's Fun 

Happily, Find It Games are back in the hands of its founders,
Bob & Lynn Knight!

The original owners of FIND IT® GAMES are back!  2003 marked the beginning of the quintessential success story. What started as an idea at the kitchen table has grown into a brand recognized by the best specialty retailers in the industry across the USA and abroad. Between 2003-2013, 3 million Find It® Games were purchased by consumers.  Fall 2013, Find It® was licensed for manufacturing and marketing to a non-related company that brought sales to exceed 4 million games.

The quality you came to know and expect has returned! Find It® was previously known for its friendly customer service. It is back too! We value our customers and do our very best to satisfy with both the product and service we provide, helping the retailer be successful.
Bob and Lynn are excited to be back at the helm.

• Find It® Games are proudly assembled in the USA
• Just like before, every game has a real US Penny hidden inside
• New attractive packaging for successful merchandising
• Minimum order – 12 units. Returning to our policy at Find It® to allow mixed cases for what sells best in your store
• Most orders ship in 24 hours
• New and exciting games coming in 2020 – See us at Toy Fair Booth #146

Contained Adventure™ Find It® is a treasure hunt in a sealed tube. It’s a new game every time you play – 40 small items are hidden inside amongst the pellets; the objects “appear” and “disappear” when you shake the game. Find all listed on top of the game and mark as you find them on the enclosed check off pad.

* Once touched, it’s tough to put down.
* Hours of fun for kids and adults alike; preschoolers to geriatrics. All ages.
* Classroom game – teachers use to teach shapes, colors, deductive reasoning skills and concentration.
* Calming to ADHD and those with learning disabilities.
* The self-contained “Find It” makes for a great travel game, executive gift or waiting room activity.

customerservice@finditgames.com - fax – 425-686-7261 – office # - 877-412-2670.
Website – www.finditgames.com

“Outstanding! These games are wonderful! The second the customers pick it up they jut fall in love with it.” -  Poopsies – Galena IL
“This has been the best-selling product in 40 years of retailing…” - Matheson Gifts – Everett, WA

bob@finditgames.com | 877-412-2670

Keeping Imaginative Play Alive with Toys that Teach!

Safari Ltd’s mission has always been to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play. As an American owned and family operated company, they’ve been creating Toys That Teach® and lasting partnerships for over 30 years and 3 generations! In fact, educators, families, therapists and industry leaders agree that Safari’s Toys That Teach® strengthen developmental skills and ignite imaginative play!

Safari is a one stop shop for the latest and greatest offerings of wild animal figures, mini animal collections, dinosaur toys and more in a variety of sizes. They source and craft all their products with care, ensuring that anything purchased is authentic, safe, includes eco-friendly packaging, and lasts for generations to come. This includes their new 2020 line up!

These new figures coming to Safari Ltd this month are all great tools for developing minds and can be used in a variety of ways including: Imaginative Play, Group Play, STEM Learning, Role Play, Water Play, Family Vacations, Special Occasions, Gifts, School or DIY Projects, and many more!

Some of the hand-crafted animals coming to Safari Ltd this month include a: Great Dane, Fairy Dragon, Wizard Dragon, Cryptozoology TOOB®, Hedgehogs, Sting Ray, Catfish, Sugar Glider, Bush Baby, Safariology Life Cycle of a Salmon and Spider, Oberon, Yeti, Mothman, Pachycephalosaurus, Deinonychus, Edmontosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Watusi Bull, Great Lakes TOOB®, Eagle Owl, Gray Wolf, Skunk, Weasel, Sand Tiger Shark, Atlantic White Sided Dolphin, Warthog, Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo, Red Panda, and many more not listed.

You can find these items at Partners.SafariLtd.com
+1 305-621-1000


Join The Movement!

Join The Movement! 

My First Workout® is a progressive strength and conditioning program created by Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Miller, for children ages 5-10 to do at home with a parent. This award winning program starts with the My First Workout® kit.  

The kit contains the first workout program in the series consisting of 13 of the very best exercises for children and 8 pieces of custom, kid-size equipment.  Exercise programs come in both video and poster format so parents can confidently teach the exercises to their children. Additional equipment and programs 2-12 are sold individually on the myfirstworkout.com website. 

My First workout® was designed with every type of child in mind from serious athlete to average Joe, advanced skill level to complete beginner, and everyone in-between. This step-by-step program makes it easy for parents to teach their children how to establish a consistent habit of exercise which Michelle believes is the answer to eliminating many of the biggest threats facing the health and well-being of children today.  

A child who goes through the My First Workout® program will learn proper lifting technique, safe and effective ways to evenly strengthen and tone the major muscle groups, enhance coordination, balance and stamina, learn proper protocol for warming-up, cooling-down and stretching and most importantly, develop a habit of exercise from the earliest age possible.  

All of the uncertainty from the complicated and often misunderstood world of strength training is put aside and what remains is verbal conversation, eye-to-eye contact and a necessary break from technology so the family unit can re-connect and develop skills that will positively influence them the rest of their life.   






Thoughtfully designed education products that inspire a lifetime love of learning

Award Winning THINK TANK SCHOLAR SIGHT WORD & MATH FLASHCARD sets targeting preschool and elementary students- Modern design appealing to today’s parents and kids- Superior cards crafted with glossy finish for extra durability and handling- High quality box for storage and portability.


- 520 words, segmented by grade level (PreK-3rd)- Covers 75% of words found in Kindergarten books- Curated from Dolch and Fry lists- Preview word on the back corner eliminates need to flip cards over- Large size and bold font for easy reading- Single angled corner for easier sorting and orienting- 6 Teaching Methods & 6 Fun Games.


- All Facts (0-12) plus bonus facts for extra practice- Unique Tab system to organize mastered vs unmastered cards- Graphic illustration on each card aids understanding of math concept- Single rounded corner for easier sorting and orienting of cards- Color coded factors for targeted practice- Full chart (0-12) of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction- 5 Teaching Methods and 5 Fun Games.



Indulge you Imagination

Since 1997 Aeromax has set out to create dress up to spark the imaginations in children. Even though the company began with a tangle-free toy parachute, Aeromax is probably best known for its high-quality dress up gear for infants, adults, and everyone in between.
Not just for Halloween, dress-up outfits from Aeromax are carefully designed to withstand the test of time. The quality is so amazing, that kids will outgrow them long before they wear them out.

Giving kids these amazing choices for costumes makes it so much fun to play dress up without raiding mom and dad’s closet. There is nothing more amazing than watching your kids pretend and have a blast doing it. Children today need playtime away from TVs, phones and computers. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Aeromax, Inc. specializes in toys and dress-up gear that encourage creative, battery-free thinking.

Aeromax has 30+ “Get Real Gear” outfits that are designed to look exactly like uniforms and attire worn by adults in real careers. Kids love pretending to be doctors, scientists, fire fighters and so much more in these true-to-life outfits. The “Get Real Gear” Astronaut costume is so realistic, it’s sold at the Kennedy Space Center’s gift shop and at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Store. They have also shown up in TV commercials, shows and have even become the go-to dress up outfit of choice for celebrity’s kids.



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