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Jump Into a New Dimension

The pack is BACK, the original MadPax

The pack is BACK, the original MadPax. We rock what is new and now for kids of all ages. Request a fly by and see what is on board for the Pack to School season.

MadPax has the packfolio; the perfect case for definitive documents or laptop as well as the small pint, a picture perfect pack for those ages 1 to 3 and running free!

The world is dynamic and backpacks should be no different. We kick down the door to what is new and NOW. We rock packs that are three pounds punk, a cup of funk and a dash of double dare.

MadPax are 3D inspired backpacks and power-packcessories that are the perfect fusion of fashion and funk-tionality. Our unique packs have all the pouches, pockets and zippered capacity that make no concession to utility.

Welcome to the fun factory. We've been waiting for you!


UGears Mechanical Model Kits

UGEARS is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model kits designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material.

Some of our models draw inspiration from real-life mechanisms, some embody our unique ideas, and all of them have been designed by UGEARS from scratch. Our models are the original all-occasional gift, fun and smart hobby for kids and grown-ups of all ages. We’ve employed engineering know-how and production fine-tuning to ensure the assembly of our models is an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family. We are very serious about the quality of our kits: apart from meticulous product testing and quality control, we source plywood from responsible and sustainable sources. In addition, while looking for a way to make the assembly experience smooth and enjoyable for our customers, we invented and patented our very own plywood joint design. And that’s only a start.

UGEARS is a startup established in 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Today, less than three years later, UGEARS offers 20 unique models of gorgeous, intelligent design. The hobbyists are assembling UGEARS models in 80 countries across 5 continents, and we care deeply about the great support, priceless feedback, and kind advice we have received from each of them.

In our age of electronics people still want to be creative with their hands and mind, seeking that rewarding feeling of constructing something with their own hands, inviting their kids and grandkids into the awesome (and, admittedly, old-school but yet-so-cool!) world of mechanics.

Join us in bringing these unforgettable moments to DIYers of all ages!

WC Redmon & Co. - Pack & Stack

These durable storage/organizer are excellent for kids' rooms, closets, garages and play areas. Even when full and stacked, the wide-mouth opening allows for easy access to contents and for that quick clean-up. 

Great for storing clothes, toys, sporting equipment and more. Four simple-to-use slid-out tabs easily enables several organizers to be stacked on top of each other, or when moved to the opposite position allows them to be nested for storage saving much space. 

Available in Green, Yellow and Red.  Each unit measures 19.75"x 15"x 12.625"H.   
W.C. Redmon Co. Inc.
P.O. Box 7
Peru Indiana 46970
765 473 6683

Green Kids Club Environmental Adventure Stories Celebrate Our Earth!

All humans, animals and life in this world need clean air and water, healthy food, and someplace safe to live free from pollution - as well as an environment where we no longer have endangered species. We can all help accomplish this by reusing items, reducing and recycling waste, raising foods we eat in an environmentally safe manner, planting trees to help reduce carbon dioxide, keeping our waters free from pollution, and teaching others the importance of preserving our environment and its animals.  Green Kids Club stories are written to introduce these ideals to children via action adventure stories.

In the stories, the Grand Council of Animals has selected Victor, Maya, and little Tiago to help save the world’s animals and protect their habitats. They have given the Green Kids the ability to talk with animals by drinking water from a magical green spring that appears around the world. In each adventure story, the Green Kids travel to different countries visiting friends who also become Green Kids. The Green Kids use their problem solving abilities to help animals deal with difficult environmental situations such as poaching, endangered species, and habitat encroachment. 
Green Kids Club stories revolve around: worldwide locations, local friends to introduce different cultures, feature animals that are always key to story development (usually an endangered species), a Science Section to reinforce the issue introduced in the story, and an Animal Photo & Fact Section to show what the animals really look like.

The stories encourage children in a variety of ways; at an early age children learn the importance of preserving our environment, they learn that they are empowered to make a difference, and they learn the importance of getting regular exercise by seeing the Green Kids be active, hiking and enjoying our world.

Green Kids Club currently has 12 titles and Plush Toys (including a camping set which allows the children to play act their own stories), four Cartoons, and books with Junior, Christian, Spanish/English, German, and Kinyarwanda Translations. Green Kids recently acquired two different licenses, with Aurora and NAWI. Through these licenses they created 3 additional story lines with YooHoo and Friends and a dinosaur story with NAWI.

There is also a FREE on-line “Green Kids Club” with activities and challenges for kids.  Children who do “green things” get points and will gain rewards by doing so - see www.greenkidsclub.com


Carma Games: Think in a blink with SLAPZI!

From the creators of TENZI comes SLAPZI, the fast-matching, card-slapping, everyone-laughing picture game!  SLAPZI is all about speed. Be the first to match all 5 of your picture cards to the right clue cards and you’re the winner. For example, if a clue card reads, “It’s round” then quickly slap down a picture of something round (like the moon, or a tennis ball, or even a doughnut). SLAPZI is super-simple to learn and super-fast to play!  

SLAPZI promotes visual perception skills as players look at the picture cards and interpret the images. SLAPZI strengthens cognitive skills and boosts quick thinking as players determine which cards fit into a given category. SLAPZI encourages dexterity and speed as players race to slap the correct card down. Playing with a group boosts social and interactive skills.

SLAPZI is a perfect party game, whether with a roomful of friends or the whole family.

To order SLAPZI, contact Steve@ilovetenzi.com or call 203-622-8117. And stop by booth 500 at ToyFest West to try your hand at SLAPZI.

Corolle to Debut “Mon Doudou” Expanded Line for Newborns  at this year’s Toy Fair

From birth, babies begin to investigate their new world of shapes and textures, developing essential skills that will help them grow into inquisitive children. Through this exploration, it is critical to find the right security companion.

Corolle is proud to announce the expansion of their collections of first dolls for children in their 2017 Collection: Mon Doudou (ages 0+) and Mon Premier (ages 18 months+).

With gentle rattles and enchanting soft dolls, the Mon Doudou Collection is designed to encourage emerging senses and delight the very young. Dolls like Babibear Nightlight Pink, a soft body doll with a delicate night-light and a series of tunes to lull baby to sleep, and Princess Pink Cotton Flower with her realistic face and princess dress. A plus for moms- to-be: Mon Doudou soft dolls are machine washable.

If a "my first" baby doll is on your customer’s list, look no further than Mon Premier's Bébé Calin Sparkling cloud, a 12" baby doll perfectly sized for the littlest mommies ages 18 months and up to cuddle and love. With accompanying nursery pieces like the Doctor Box, Diaper Backpack, and French-inspired fashion accessories, the Mon Premier collection offers plenty of imaginative and extended play possibilities.

“There is nothing like the magic that happens when a baby or young child sees a Corolle doll for the first time,” says Diego Baron, GM for Corolle. “The love and utter devotion on the child’s face when they hug and hold their Corolle baby is what truly sets us apart. Parents can trust that they are getting the very best for their babies. This year’s collection is truly enchanting, with the introduction of new dolls, updated fashions, accessories and more, while classic favorites remain. These collections are very dear to us. They mark the beginning of a child’s lifelong companionship of Corolle.”

Corolle is the premium doll brand designed in France, designed to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish.

For more information, visit us.corolle.com and visit us on social media @corolledolls on Facebook; @corolle_official on Instagram.

Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Experience

Every year, a new crop of tradeshows appears on our newsletters and calendars, and retailers must weigh the costs and benefits of attending, deciding which shows and exhibits are must-sees and which ones they can afford to skip. Each tradeshow varies in scope and target demographic, so it’s important to know what you want to get out of any given trade show before deciding to attend.

There are several other factors—like budgeting for your hotel and transportation expenses and managing your store while you’re away, for example—to consider leading up to the event. While preparing for large industry events might be stressful, we’ve gathered a few tips from trade show veterans to help attendees maximize their time at upcoming industry events.

  1. Make travel and hotel reservations early to maximize on discounted rates. Many shows have event dates posted and registration open almost a year in advance.
  2. Determine your primary, secondary, and tertiary goals you want to achieve by attending an event. Are you going to the trade show to learn more about marketing, to make contacts, or to check out latest trends for your inventory?
  3. Develop a list of “must see” and “want to see” exhibitors, speakers, and events. At a big show, you won’t be able to interact with everyone, so find out which vendors and industry contacts are most important for you to meet.
  4. If you are travelling with colleagues, split sessions to maximize data gathering.
  5. Make appointments with exhibitors with whom you really want to network.
  6. Pack for comfort. Have comfortable shoes and clothing. Veteran trade show attendees have measured that they walk an average of 10-12 miles at major shows in Atlanta, Orlando, and Las Vegas.
  7. Bring your own “carry-all” bag for materials you’ll accumulate at the convention center. Complimentary plastic bags are often uncomfortable, as they cut into your hands and make them sweat. If you’re networking, you’ll be shaking lots of hands, and nobody likes a clammy hand for a first impression.
  8. If available to you, bring your own branded gear. While people expect tradeshow booths to give away swag, you can advertise your brand with a branded shirt, custom pens, or other promotional products.
  9. Tell exhibitors you are on a tight schedule to avoid small talk and get straight to business.

10. Look for networking opportunities. Introduce yourself to people around you—at workshops, receptions, wherever—hand and collect plenty of business cards and social media contacts.

11. Be prepared to push for answers to questions that exhibitors are not prepared to answer.

12. Skip overly crowded booths and plan to come at the end of the day when traffic is slower.

After the show, set out a plan for implementing the information you’ve gathered. Organize and keep in touch with the contacts you’ve gathered, whether it means following up with a manufacturer to buy their products for your store or liking them on Facebook to stay in contact. Of course, these are only guidelines for preparation. Of course, these are only guidelines. Be sure to create your own checklist, tailored specifically to what your need company needs.

PACK from another dimension.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Your friends from MadPax are back with a new formula of funk. From new styles to new superior quality, and (scream it the rooftops!) original management…the mad scientist is BACK!

Be sure to climb aboard the MadPax Express.

Now there’s a little something for everyone; from the Pint to the Fullpack, pick your power punch! Octopack, ArtiPax and Fullscale are new for the Spring line up, so swing for the fences and bring home the funk.

Welcome to the MadPax Fabratory. We’ve been waiting for you…

NY NOW booth #7066

TIA’s PlayCon to Become A Biannual Event

Toy Industry Association

Beginning in the spring of 2018, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) will be holding its formerly annual PlayCon event biannually in a vibrant, major city. With the forthcoming event changes, the TIA hopes to broaden the conference’s appeal for industry professionals.

“Thanks to a longer development and planning cycle, PlayCon will build upon its reputation as the quintessential networking and educational event in the toy and play industries,” said Jane Ritson-Parsons, Group Executive of Global Marketing at Hasbro, Inc. and Chair of PlayCon’s new advisory board. “Our goal is to create an event with a fresh, two-year format that will deliver best-in-class content and speakers that are relevant and inspiring to inventors and designers, marketing and PR professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives.”

The dates and location for PlayCon 2018 are not yet finalized, but board members are strongly considering San Francisco, CA to be the conference’s host city because of its variety of hotel options and the city’s “walkability”.

TIA plans to continue trends of actionable content and cutting edge industry resources with PlayCon sessions covering a broad range of ideas – including global consumer toy and play, reaching new generations of families and consumers, and tackling emerging issue in the industry. 

Press release courtesy of the TIA.

For more information about PlayCon 2018 be sure to check in with the TIA website in the coming months.

MiniPlay Makeup Offers all the Fun of A Makeover Without the Mess

All children learn by imagining and doing. Have you ever watched a child pick up a doll and care for it, changing its diaper and giving doll a bottle? Or seen her use pretend food to make a gourmet dinner? The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas.

While watching their mothers with their daily makeup routines fascinates many young girls, this too often leads to real lipstick stains in the carpet, a new eye shadow being crumbled or nail polish spilled on the linens during unintended “makeovers.”

Mini-Play Makeup® is a toy makeup offering a clean alternative to traditional makeup. Its unique, patented-pending design allows for children ages three and older to explore imaginative play without any mess! Mini-Play Makeup is not real makeup and will not transfer color or substance to any surface, making it the perfect mess-free option for pretend play.

"I'll admit, when I first opened my package I was a bit nervous. How could a play makeup leave no mess but also keep my child entertained?” said Mini-Play Makeup® customer Brooke Rooker. “My three-year-old had a completely different opinion. After ooo-ing and ahh-ing over her new makeup, she spent countless hours applying eye shadow, lip gloss and doing her nails over and over again. I can now say I have had more than 20 makeovers this week and am looking fabulous. My house is mess free and my daughter LOVES her Mini-Play Makeup®!"

Not only does it look like real makeup, it feels like real makeup, making it the most believable pretend makeup available on the market. The line includes an extensive variety of high quality cosmetic bags, liquid-free nail polishes, scented lip wands, eye shadows, brushes, and lip glosses. All play makeup is handcrafted in the USA.

Mini-Play Makeup® is the perfect alternative to real makeup marketed to children—allowing imaginations to grow and develop in a mess-free way.

To become a retailer, visit us at miniplaymakeup.com. Follow MiniPlay on Facebook and Instagram!

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