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Gnightly Gnomes

Family Pastimes, Ltd

©2011, Jim Deacove

STORY: Gnomes work at night in various places doing acts of kindness, helping humans out by doing odd jobs and putting things in order. It is not sheer coincidence that the word gnome itself is derived from Kuba-Walda, which means "home administrator" or "home spirit" in the ancient Germanic language. Another variant of their name trans­lates as "to put in order" or "do odd jobs" - with or without an apron. If they are treated well, they keep an eye on our livestock, crops, orchards, gardens, and even many mat­ters in our homes. Of course, these special little beings attract "meanies", who like to catch them, which is why gnomes try to do their good deeds when not seen.

OBJECT: Gnomes try to do all the Chores, collect Rewards & not get caught by Big Meanies.

CONTENTS: Board, 25 Cards consisting of 8 Chores, 8 Rewards and 9 Big Meanies, 4 Movers & Rules.

2 to 4 PLAYERS AGES 5 to Adult

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