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Monster Factory

Rio Grande Games

In this great family game for 2-6 players aged 5 and up, the players take turns drawing and placing tiles, either adding to their own monsters or to those of their opponents. When a player's monster is complete, he continues drawing and placing tiles making minions, which are not as valuable as monsters, but add to the player's score. The game ends when the last tile is drawn and played.

The players only score their completed monsters and minions. Thus, a player who ends the game with a very large incomplete monster will score no points.As the goal is to score the most points for your monster and minions, the players must plan carefully, so that they, at least, complete a monster. A player with a small monster, but with one or more high-scoring minions can win over a player with just a large monster. Of course, a player with completed monsters and minions with win over a player with no completed monster. Thus, players often add tiles to another player’s monster to make it more difficult to complete. Also, players add tiles to another player’s monster to keep it small, but they risk giving the player a score, which they may not be able to exceed. At the end, the player who has scored the most points for his monster and minions is the winner.

Although the object of the game is to complete monsters and minions for high scores, players often just enjoy building great-looking monsters and comparing them to those of the other players. In this way, it is a great family and party game. Players can also play solitaire for the simple fun of creating fun and amusing monsters.

Monster Factory plays in 20-30 minutes and is great for game nights and parties. Have fun making great monsters!

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