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Abandon Interactive Entertainment develops and publishes entertainment content for multiple distribution channels. The company and its principals have a longstanding record in the game segment including co-publishing the hit online game Dark Age of Camelot with Mythic Entertainment, as well as developing various games with companies such as NBC sports, THQ, Mattel, TDK and more. The company launched its first original IP, Freaky Creatures, in March 2009. With action figures distributed by Warner Music Group and the game published by Abandon Interactive, Freaky Creatures is a cross-platform, massively multiplayer online game that allows players to build the ultimate, customizable creatures and battle them against friends. Abandon Interactive Entertainment was formed in 2005 and is headquartered in Malibu, CA. For more information on Freaky Creatures, please visit www.freakycreatures.com

Contact Info

Abandon Interactive Entertainment
17383 Sunset Blvd. Suite A-120
Malibu, CA 90272
(310) 454-3556




“You’ll want to get your hands on this exciting new cross-platform MMO game…”

- LA Parent

“Coming soon to computers and cellphones near you: Freaky Creatures, a customizable fighting game that looks like Pokemon on steroids.”

- USA Today

“Is Freaky Creatures a game or a collectable toy? That is the unique twist to this product – Freaky Creatures is whatever you make of it. You choose how in-depth to make your Freaky Creatures experience.”

- Game Informer

“With so many different ways to experience the Freaky Creatures universe, Abandon is making sure that players of all ages will be entertained with this newest offering.”

- GrrlGamer.com

“Buy cool monster action figure. Discover flash drive buried in packaging. Use it to upload a digital version of your creature and then pit that bad boy in head-to-head combat against other players and their pet arsenal online. That, my friends, is Freaky Creatures. Don't pretend you're not drooling to learn more.”

- Massively.com

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