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Knowledge is the benefit of education at Active Minds. Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is a unique spelling game, with antonyms, synonyms, true and false Bonus Cards. Playing will enrich your vocabulary, aid reading comprehension and promote self confidence at school and work. Discover fun facts about animals, nature, health, history, science and geography. Answer from multiple choice questions and roll the dice. Everyone has a chance to win!

Currently Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is being played in several schools in Nevada, N. and S. California and in Texas. Children are experiencing learning in a fun and exciting way. We are part of Project: Education Outreach, where our goal is to be in all schools across America; public, private, Title One and Charter Schools. With a good education students can fulfill their dreams and lead a prosperous and healthy life.

Coming soon other Game Card Editions, based on Health, History, College, Graduate and Master Editions. Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is an excellent tool for home schooling and family get togethers.

Currently Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is available in the Family Version, Bible Version from 11 and up and a Children's Game Card Edition for 8-10 years old.

Our long term goal and mission is to develop a foundation for abandoned, abused and neglected children. We believe that every child is worthy of a good education.

Contact Info

Active Minds Inc.
One Gunfigher Lane #104
Blue Diamond, NV 89004
(702) 759-6138





“I was really excited to see my kids having so much fun with that Comet game you had at the school. Thanks for bringing such a special game to the event!.”

“I liked it 'cause it was fun and I could win.”

- Danny, age 8

“The comet game was neat and I was even able to beat my Mom! I like the space stuff on the board.”

- Nicole, age 10

“The Comet game for children was really great! The materials were quite simple to understand and all of the kids in our group had fun in our after-school activity. Thank you so much.”

“I would like to express my warmest thanks for your taking the time to bring the Comet game to my children's school. The design of the game board was very unique and made it more interesting to play with my children. My kids had plenty of fun and my son Adam wanted to keep playing the game until well after 11pm! Thank you again.”

“I liked the Comet game because it wasnt just another boys game.”

- Susan, age 12

“My students loved the cards. That is their favorite activity that we do on our center's day.”

- Emma Perkins,
Title One Site Contact
Clark County School District
Crestwood Elementary

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