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Alexx, Inc. is a small woman owned business based near the City of Los Angeles.

Owner and President Sandy Stein is the inventor of the patented Finders Key Purse® key chain. What began as a heaven-sent dream from her deceased father became a success due to hard work, instinct and a truly unique and wonderful product. Our line is made up of fun, fashionable, and functional purse accessories that retail for under $20.00.

Almost five years later Alexx, Inc. has sold over 4 million patented Finders Key Purse® to 12,000 customers throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa and South America.

Our colorful and elegant Finders Key Purse® turn the everyday key chain into a useful fashion accessory! The patented hook design holds keys safely on the inside edge of a purse, pocket, or briefcase while showcasing a decorative piece on the front. Each design is carefully developed to satisfy rapidly changing trends and provide a style to suit every "purse-onality."

In the past few years Alexx, Inc. has broadened its horizons, creating more unique products designed to make busy lives easier with beauty and charm: the Hang Em High™ Purse Hangers, Finders Key Purse® for Fones, Not Just a Luggage Tag, and Chic Sac™.

Our approach to business is similar to its original start: spontaneous, inspired, and creative. We sell only to retailers and wholesale distributors and exhibit at many of the major gift trade shows worldwide. Visit our website www.finderskeypurse.com to browse through all our designs and place your order.

Contact Info

Alexx, Inc
6520 Platt Ave. #633
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 347-7295




“Keys with purse-onality-
Now your customers can make a personalized statement with their keys. This monogrammed Finders Key Purse keeps keys handy by attaching to the side of a purse. It comes in 18 initials and three vibrant colors: green, pink and blue. Monogrammed Hang 'Em High purse hangers also available. ”

- Country Business Magazine

“Instead of fumbling for keys, try this handy little purse accessory and never dig for keys again! Finders Key Purse doesn't offer "just keychains", but rather a unique way to keep track of your keys. You attach it to your key ring, and then rest the hook on the purse's edge. A stylish way to save time digging for keys! Finders Key Purse come in many different styles - everything from retro to pets to sports. You are sure to find one that fits your unique style... This site is definitely unique, and offers a great way to save you time!”

- Kara Kelso on PopularArticles.com

“Whether you are a new mom of two babies or ten, it can be frustrating to stand for what feels like hours in the middle of a parking lot, digging through the duffel bag you call a purse, in search of your car keys. For years I had a key bracelet that I wore on my wrist as I shopped....It had become a wrist weight of sorts, and it had to go.
A new product is now available that cannot be beaten. It’s called Finders Key Purse®. It's a hook that you place over the top of one side of your purse. The outside (which hangs on the outside of your bag) is a decorative charm. The inside has a clasp on which to hook your keys. I still keep my five-pound key bracelet in my purse, but I store my most-often-used keys and preferred cards on the Finders Key Purse® clasp. I've cut down my time in parking lots (not to mention cash registers while searching for the proper discount card) by at least seventy-five percent.”

- momtomochat.com

Listed in Giftbeat March '09 as #3 at "Register Area" items with honorable mention in June '09 for "$5 or Less Cost"

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