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Baby Hands Productions was founded on the principle that babies can communicate at a very early age. We are dedicated to giving babies and parents an effective way to communicate before babies can speak, reducing frustration for both and creating a special bond that is so important for healthy child development.

Research shows that babies can learn to communicate well before their vocal capacity to formulate spoken words is developed. Baby Hands Productions offers an award winning line of products that teaches babies simple gestures and first spoken words in a format that delights the senses while tapping into a baby’s innate language capabilities.

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Baby Hands Productions
245-M Mount Hermon Road #348
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
(888) 688-8008




“My daughter started with My Baby Can Talk - First Signs and was signing for milk and more by 6 months. People often comment on how happy our daughter is, and I attribute that to the fact that she is able to communicate her needs, which minimizes frustration. When I took her to the pediatrician, she was very impressed by my daughter's ability to tell me she wanted to eat her cereal by signing eat. I highly recommend these products.”

- Amy from San Antonio, TX

“My daughter LOVES My Baby Can Talk!!! It's extremely interesting for babies....she's 9.5 months and can sign most of the signs from the video and more!”

- Tara from Leominster, MA

“I have all 3 DVDs and love them. We reviewed other DVDs but My Baby Can Talk ones were the most interesting and fun to watch. Compared to other babies, Luc is never frustrated because he can express himself and the big smile on his face is priceless when he knows he is understood.”

- Caroline from Westminster, CO

“After our first viewing my son started signing milk. I quickly realized that this could be a great help for boosting his lagging communication skills. And it absolutely was! When he got a few more basic signs down, I could go through the list if he started to throw a fit -- he usually wanted to eat, by the way ;). Thanks so much for such a quality product. I love the music, the first-person delivery, the usefulness of the basic signs presented -- everything!”

- Chrystal from Little Rock, AR

“My daughter started watching this at 4 months because the music would calm her. At 6 1/2 months she did her first sign! Now at 16 months she does over 30 signs! I feel it saves me from temper tantrums! I worked on a lot of the signs regularly with her but not all of them, then all of a sudden she started doing the other signs on the video that we hadn't even worked on. After she mastered this DVD, we got the next on! Thank you so much for this amazing DVD! I plan to use it for every child I have!”

- Carrie from Baltimore, MD

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