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Three dads from Atlanta got a first hand look at how the cardboard box captures a child’s way of thinking. While packing up their financial services business, moving from one office to another, their kids tagged along. Although the fathers brought along playthings like coloring books and crayons for the children, it was the empty boxes that captivated the youngsters. The dads saw the sparks of a business and Crafty Kids Playhouses was born.

Made of 100% recycled material, two sturdy designs are available online and at select specialty retailers. The Shuttle Imagination, a large spaceship and the Creation Cottage, a playhouse, are ingeniously designed so there’s no need for cutting, taping or measuring. The flaps and slots are pre-cut and can withstand hearty hours of play.

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"Anytime we have received a large package in the mail, my kids have very quickly staked their claim on the box. They have made ships, treasure boxes, forts, presents, caves, and clubhouses out of the larger boxes we've received (our UPS delivery fella has saved the day for me many times!). KidsCraft Playhouses has taken this idea and kicked it up a notch by creating the cardboard "Creation Cottage" or Space Shuttle that already has the doors and windows cut out for you.

You simply have to assemble the cottage as if you are putting together a large puzzle, and then set your kids free to do what they do best -- play! My kids got to test out this cottage and I have loved seeing the imaginative play it has inspired. This "cottage", which is made out of recycled paper (thank you very much, KidsCraft!), has morphed into a fort, a clubhouse, a store, a castle, a school classroom, a tent, a motor home, a crazy game where you score points by throwing balls through the windows and chimney, and back into a cottage again. I think the best aspect of it is that it is designed as an empty canvas for the imagination, not only in what the cottage becomes, but also for kids to color it, paint it, and write all over it. The hardest part for me was not taking over "the design of the cottage exterior". I so badly wanted to "help" the kids with their color scheme, but every time I ventured near it with my markers, my daughter would smile and say, "This is a kids' fort - no adults allowed."

I guess we all need our own little space."

- www.mamamanifesto.com

"Graham is really into pretending lately.  There must be something magical about the age of 3 that sets their imaginations free!  He loves to pretend that there are doors around for his "invisible houses" and even asks us to open and close them if we are coming to play.  When we were sent a KidsCraft Playhouse to review, Graham was on cloud 9!

The playhouses offered by KidsCraft are made from 100% recycled cardboard materials.  All of the playhouses are manufactured right here in the USA as well.  I like to support companies from the US whenever I can, and this is a great one to check out!  If you currently own a cardboard playhouse I can almost guarantee that it is not as well built as the ones offered by KidsCraft.  We have actually played in some before that felt like they were going to topple around us.  You can tell the quality of this one as soon as you start to put it together.

We were sent the Shuttle Imagination to check out.  Both my husband and myself were amazed at the size of the rocket.  All three of us could fit in and I could just about stand up all the way.  I also appreciate that this playhouse has a bottom to it.  I think that this is one of the keys to keeping it sturdy that other cardboard playhouses lack.  Of course, it is also fun to let your kids color the playhouse and be creative with it. Graham had a blast opening and closing the double doors to the rocket.  These doors took a beating and are still looking great!  He also loves the window holes that are just the right height for him to look out."

- www.gograhamgo.com

"If you are looking for a fun, unique holiday or birthday gift for a toddler in your life, Crafty Kids has what you are looking for!  Crafty Kids carries full sized and model sized cottages and space shuttles.  They are made from made from 100% recycled cardboard material.  These cottages and space shuttles are easy to assemble and are perfect for your child to decorate with crayons, markers, paints and stickers.  Once they are decorated, your child can enjoy playing with them!

We received a Crafty Kids model sized cottage.  When it came Gaige could not wait to get started with it.  It arrived in a thin box and required a bit of assembly.  I was able to follow the directions and put it together in about 5 minutes with the assistance of a 3 year old and 6 month old, so it really is simple!

Then we took it outside and got to work on decorating.  We had one of Gaige’s friends over to help paint his cottage and they had a great time working on it together!

There are a lot of surfaces to cover so they had a lot of work to do!

They worked really hard on it and I think it turned out pretty cute!  Now that it is done Gaige loves to put all of his cars in it.  I didn’t realize that when he said he wanted the cottage he was planning to use it for a garage, but since he loves cars and plays with them all the time this is perfect for him.  He is having so much fun with it!

I think this is a toy that he will be able to enjoy for quite a while!"

- abbyapproved.com

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