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“Fun Products to Stimulate Your Creativity”

The Creative Whack Company produces award-winning products that stimulate the creative imagination.

Best known for its popular Ball of Whacks, Creative Whack Company offers a line of magnetic building sets that were inspired by the idea that “ a playful attitude is fundamental to creative thinking.” The term “whack” connotes something that sparks us to think differently.

The Ball of Whacks is made up of 30 magnetic pyramid pieces that fit together to form a 30-sided rhombic triacontahedron (it’s easier to make than it is say!) 180 rare earth magnets help the pieces click together to form the Ball or any shape you can imagine.
There are no right or wrong ways to use the BOW. Just pick it up and play with it.
The Ball of Whacks comes with a 96-page creativity guidebook to help “whack open” your creativity. The BOW is available in Red, Blue, or Multi-colored, which offers the additional puzzle challenge of putting the Ball together with no two same-colored sides touching.

The X-Ball presents 30 red X-Shaped pieces governed the “golden ratio.” The Y-Ball has 30 blue double Y magnetic pieces that form a fun, soccer-ball shape.  The pieces in all these products can be configured into lots of interesting shapes. Combining pieces of Ball of Whacks, Y-Ball, and X-Ball open up endless creative possibilities.
These products also come with an illustrated guidebook with exercises and strategies for unlocking your creative potential.

The latest product from CWC is the Star-Ball. This geometric gem will both challenge and delight you. Take the Star-Ball challenge: Use the polarity dots to combine the five-legged stars with the “tri” pieces to form the Ball.

Creative Whack Company was founded by internationally known creativity consultant Roger von Oech, author of best-selling book, "A Whack on the Side of the Head." His presentations and products have enriched millions of minds around the world. The Creative Whack Pack and Innovative Whack Pack decks apply innovation solutions and classic wisdom to modern day challenges.


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Creative Whack Company
179 Ludlow Street
Stamford, CT 00000
(877) 423-7984


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“Give a Ball of Whacks to each of your children, rather than purchasing another toy. It will inspire genius in them that will constantly fascinate you.”

- Roger, Memphis, TN

“Great fun for the entire family. We recently took a car trip and the kids spent hours in the back seat engrossed in the Ball of Whacks.”

- Linda, Wellesley, MA

“There are geometric puzzles and brain teasers, then there are geometric brain teasers that have that extra element that sets it apart from the idea of an average geometric puzzle. Ball of Whacks is one of those unique few that make a brain teaser an interesting challenge which is not just a solve once, throw away puzzle. This is the ultimate brain challenge that goes beyond the norm and stimulates the creative skills, allows a person to create shapes other than just a geometric ball, and literally becomes addictive. With the Ball of Whacks, the possibilities are literally endless. The Ball of Whacks has an alluring quality which draws you to pick it up again and again.”

- Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Product Evaluation Specialist (The Toy Man)

“If you have to buy something for an engineer, writer, or artist, or musician, Ball of Whacks will make your creative loved one happy. This thing will stimulate their brain in the way they love.”

- Rhonda, Editor,
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“Creative fiddling with the whack units enhances geometric intuition and a feel for mathematical relationships in three dimensions.”

- James Boyd, Richmond, VA
Mathematics Teacher review

“Beauty drives creativity, and the Ball of Whacks is gorgeous!”

- Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet

“One of our top Creative Gifts.”

- San Francisco Exploratorium

“I teach gifted middle-schoolers and I recently brought a Ball of Whacks into my classroom for fun stuff to use when you have free time. They're been enjoying it very much and have come up with some incredible ideas.”

- Andrea, Maine

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