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Doggone Crazy! is a company dedicated to child safety around dogs. The Doggone Crazy! principals Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin have won numerous awards and are well-respected experts in the fields of dog training, interpreting canine body language and dog bite prevention. Nearly half of all households have a dog, and most kids love dogs, although some are afraid of them. It is the goal of Doggone Crazy! to increase children's understanding of dogs with its fun and educational products. Half of all children will be bitten by a dog by age 12, mostly preventable by increasing awareness on the part of parents and kids of the warning signs that dogs send. Children empowered with the knowledge to understand how dogs are communicating with their body language are more likely to interact appropriately with dogs thereby lessening the chance of a bite. Children with a fear of dogs are less fearful when they know how to tell if a dog is happy or not. The Doggone Crazy! products are unique in the marketplace with their kid friendly focus on learning about dogs in a fun and interactive way using photos and videos of real dogs, not drawings or cartoons.

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Doggone Crazy!
2295 Mohawk Trail
Campbellville, Canada L0P1BO
(877) 350-3232


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International Positive Dog Training Association, Innovation Award

International Positive Dog Training Association, Society Education Award

The Gwen Thebault Award for Excellence in Humane Education


“Doggone Crazy! is the first board game in a long time to keep my kids attention...they played the game so much that I wasn't allowed to touch the game for review until the week-end was over.”

- Alyice Edrich, Editor-in-Chief, The Dabbling Mum, National Parenting Magazine

“Doggone Crazy is a fun game that teaches children how to interpret the body language and expressions of dogs. I gave the game to my grandchildren and they enjoyed it immensely.”

- Stanley Coren, Author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", "How to Speak Dog" and "How Dogs Think."

“This game makes it fun for children to learn how to behave toward dogs, and how to understand what dog expressions and actions mean. It's a positive and reinforcing tool for enhancing child safety, reducing bite risk, and improving the human-animal bond.”

- Karen Pryor, author of "Don't Shoot the Dog" and "Reaching the Animal Mind"

“It's a great game!”

- Jack Dyson,
Vice President (retired), Irwin Toys

“My grade 3 class experienced the Doggone Crazy! game first hand. They were absolutely enthused about it. The game taught them responsible behaviour to not only reduce the chances of their being bitten, but also, it showed them how to enhance the relationship they have with their dog.”

- Kristina Brcic, Milton ON Canada,
Grade 3 teacher

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