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Earth Balance Bag is wrapping our planet through innovation, conservation and design.

At Earth Balance Bag our tree-free, eco-friendly gift bags and gift wrap are made primarily from limestone, which is collected as residual waste material from existing quarries. The energy efficient process in which our stone paper is produced requires no deforestation, water or chemical bleaching giving consumers an eco-friendly alternative when purchasing that special gift bag or gift wrap. At Earth Balance Bag we understand that consumers are not going to buy "green" for the sake of buying "green". Our mission is to bring to market packaging solutions that respond to their needs and make sense for the environment.

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Earth Balance Bag
702-A Deer Hammock Road
Sarasota, FL 34240
(941) 371-4949



Earth Balance Bag - Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping! Think about all the gifts you wrap in a year. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc. That’s a lot of wrapping paper and gift bags and a whole lot of paper products being wasted.
I was recently introduced to the Earth Balance Bag Company. They make tree-free paper bags and gift wrap. You may be asking yourself ‘how do you make tree-free wrapping paper?' I did. But it’s actually made from stone! They use an inorganic mineral powder made from pulverized limestone and mix it with a non-toxic resin to create a sturdy paper alternative. Then they add a pretty design and BOOM - you’ve got environmentally sustainable gift materials. I loved the bags that I received. They're durable and the colors are vibrant, and honestly, look like the paper ones we're used to. So when you go to wrap up mom’s gift this year. Think about stopping by Earth Balance Bag Co. first.

- Hey?! A Mom Can Dream!

Gift Bags Made From Stone - Really! My discovery of the week is Earth Balance tree-free gift bags made from stone. Yes, stone, These beautiful designer gift bags (and gift wrap) are made from pulverized limestone with a small amount of non-toxic resin as a binder. The result is a gorgeous and durable gift bag that is truly "green" without any trees sacrificed to make it. And they come in 24 styles for every occassion. Locate a store where you can buy them at www.earthbalancebag.com.

- Out with Mommy- Kpearsonb

Paper-Free Paper Bags From Earth Balance
Although we're past the hardcore gift giving season, that doesn't mean there aren't still birthdays and other celebratory events to be had this year. In the past we've talked about resourceful ways to wrap a gift that don't involve so much paper usage, but what if that gift bag wasn't made from paper in the first place?
Although the look just like their traditional retail counterparts, these Earth-Balance Bags are in fact made from stone. Yup, rocks. These bags are made from 100% tree-free paper and are a combination of raw inorganic mineral powder (which is pulverized powder from limestone) with a small amount of non-toxic resin added as a binder. There isn't any bleaching required and there's zero water consumption in the manufacturing process. The result looks and feels just like the tree-tastic ones we're all accustomed to. You can find these paper-free paper products (including wine bags and gift wrap sheets as well) at a store near you. Check their website for the locations in your area!

- Re-Nest: Abundant Design For Green Homes - Sarah Rae Trover

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