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Family Pastimes games are the inventions of Jim Deacove. Jim started making co-operative games for his own family, and was encouraged by friends to make more.

The Deacove family was and is no different from others. Sharing toys, helping mom and dad and being kind to others are values taught in all homes. To find games which help reinforce such sharing attitudes, however, is very difficult. Thus, Jim and Ruth felt the need to create some.

The "hobby" became a small business in their home 31 years ago (1972). Slow but steady growth in sales required moving the business into a cottage. With the addition of new games and greater interest by the public, a switch occurred. The family moved into the cottage and the business occupied the two stories of the old farm house. A new workshop was built in 1984 to replace the old farm house, destroyed by a terrible fire in October 1983.

Offset presses, silkscreening equipment, table saws, various other woodworking tools and an assortment of old and new machines provide the technology. The Deacoves, some local people and an eager bunch of students each summer provide the labor. The format is kept simple but attractive. The games are made in small quantities, as a labor of love.

Contact Info

Family Pastimes, Ltd
796 Brooke Valley Road
Perth, Ontario K7H 3C6
(888) 267-4414






THE SECRET DOOR: Best Game EVER! January 22, 2009I loved this game as a child, and I still do. I have 5 children of my own now and the oldest 4 (Ages: 4, 6, and 8) love playing this game. It is exciting for them and full of mystery. It is definitely not a boring board game. The quality of the pieces is so high, and they all love searching for the hidden object. This is great fun for the whole family! We all love it! There should be more games like this.

- Catherine Peoples, FUNAGAIN GAMES

CAVES & CLAWS: My four year old loves this game! And I enjoy playing it with him. I place all the pathways so it isn't too challenging to navigate because we've just started learning board games. We make it an adventure to find the treasures and work around the dangers.


MAX THE CAT: Great FAMILY Game November 19, 2004This game is a favorite in our family! Everyone from the 4 yr old to Dad enjoys it. I like games, and I love my children, but I think Hi-Ho Cherrio, and Chutes and Ladders are pure torture! Max is wonderful because it is fun for parents and kids. Being a co-operative game, everyone works together to save the little animals from Max the Cat. This is a bonus when children are young and don't take well to losing yet, or need help playing the game. We have tried other co-operative games, and they are all right, but none of them compare to Max, the Cat. Other pros: it can be played with one player or many. It doesn't take very long, but it's so fun you'll want to play again! Try it you won't regret it!

– Leslie Nelson, FUNAGAIN GAMES



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