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Spin It , Twist It , Shake It , It's Fun
Happily, Find It Games are back in the hands of its founders,
Bob & Lynn Knight!

The original owners of FIND IT® GAMES are back!  2003 marked the beginning of the quintessential success story. What started as an idea at the kitchen table has grown into a brand recognized by the best specialty retailers in the industry across the USA and abroad. Between 2003-2013, 3 million Find It® Games were purchased by consumers.  Fall 2013, Find It® was licensed for manufacturing and marketing to a non-related company that brought sales to exceed 4 million games.

The quality you came to know and expect has returned! Find It® was previously known for its friendly customer service. It is back too! We value our customers and do our very best to satisfy with both the product and service we provide, helping the retailer be successful.
Bob and Lynn are excited to be back at the helm.

• Find It® Games are proudly assembled in the USA
• Just like before, every game has a real US Penny hidden inside
• New attractive packaging for successful merchandising
• Minimum order – 12 units. Returning to our policy at Find It® to allow mixed cases for what sells best in your store
• Most orders ship in 24 hours
• New and exciting games coming in 2020 – See us at Toy Fair Booth #146

Contained Adventure™ Find It® is a treasure hunt in a sealed tube. It’s a new game every time you play – 40 small items are hidden inside amongst the pellets; the objects “appear” and “disappear” when you shake the game. Find all listed on top of the game and mark as you find them on the enclosed check off pad.

* Once touched, it’s tough to put down.
* Hours of fun for kids and adults alike; preschoolers to geriatrics. All ages.
* Classroom game – teachers use to teach shapes, colors, deductive reasoning skills and concentration.
* Calming to ADHD and those with learning disabilities.
* The self-contained “Find It” makes for a great travel game, executive gift or waiting room activity.

“Outstanding! These games are wonderful! The second the customers pick it up they jut fall in love with it.” -  Poopsies – Galena IL
“This has been the best-selling product in 40 years of retailing…” - Matheson Gifts – Everett, WA

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