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Green Kids Club Environmental Adventure Stories Celebrate Our Earth! 
All humans, animals and life in this world need clean air and water, healthy food, and someplace safe to live free from pollution - as well as an environment where we no longer have endangered species. We can all help accomplish this by reusing items, reducing and recycling waste, raising foods we eat in an environmentally safe manner, planting trees to help reduce carbon dioxide, keeping our waters free from pollution, and teaching others the importance of preserving our environment and its animals.  Green Kids Club stories are written to introduce these ideals to children via action adventure stories.

In the stories, the Grand Council of Animals has selected Victor, Maya, and little Tiago to help save the world’s animals and protect their habitats. They have given the Green Kids the ability to talk with animals by drinking water from a magical green spring that appears around the world. In each adventure story, the Green Kids travel to different countries visiting friends who also become Green Kids. The Green Kids use their problem solving abilities to help animals deal with difficult environmental situations such as poaching, endangered species, and habitat encroachment. 
Green Kids Club stories revolve around: worldwide locations, local friends to introduce different cultures, feature animals that are always key to story development (usually an endangered species), a Science Section to reinforce the issue introduced in the story, and an Animal Photo & Fact Section to show what the animals really look like.

The stories encourage children in a variety of ways; at an early age children learn the importance of preserving our environment, they learn that they are empowered to make a difference, and they learn the importance of getting regular exercise by seeing the Green Kids be active, hiking and enjoying our world.  

Green Kids Club currently has 12 titles and Plush Toys (including a camping set which allows the children to play act their own stories), four Cartoons, and books with Junior, Christian, Spanish/English, German, and Kinyarwanda Translations. Green Kids recently acquired two different licenses, with Aurora and NAWI. Through these licenses they created 3 additional story lines with YooHoo and Friends and a dinosaur story with NAWI.

There is also a FREE on-line “Green Kids Club” with activities and challenges for kids.  Children who do “green things” get points and will gain rewards by doing so - see www.greenkidsclub.com

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