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WhisperPhone® is a hands-free, acoustical headset that helps children and adults focus on and hear the individual sounds of words more clearly as they learn by processing language aloud. This hands-free, acoustical voice-feedback headset helps students hear phonemes, the sounds that compose words. Phonemic awareness is a key predictor of literacy success, according to the National Reading Panel.

WhisperPhones are proven to help students with reading, writing, spelling, learning a new language and memorizing lines for the theater. This tool is great for all activities that require increased comprehension and concentration.

  • Title I and Reading First funds qualified
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reversible for either ear
  • Battery free
  • Covered by lifetime guarantee

Product is recommended for children five years of age or older. SOLO fits kids in grades K-4; SOLOXL fits kids in grades 5 and up.

WhisperPhone DUET: Kids learn to read by reading aloud. There’s a reason: auditory learning is powerful. WhisperPhone® Duet increases literacy results.
Teachers have been using auditory learning for decades—Duet intensifies this approach. Duet is an acoustical tool that enables students to work in teams and focus on individual sounds of words as they process language aloud. Teachers work one-on-one with students and easily check the nuances of the student’s progress. Because Duet is direct-to-ear product, it helps keep classrooms quieter.

Duet is:
• Ideal for paired work
• Easy to integrate into exercises
• Title I and Reading First funds qualified
• Covered by a lifetime guarantee
• One size fits all
• Dishwasher safe
• Battery free

Try Duet with WhisperPhone Reader’s Theater! Duet helps students learn how to read with expression. You will be amazed at what Duet can do!

Reader’s Theater: WhisperPhone® Reader’s Theater includes 10 scripts, 10 scene setters and 10 coordinating exercises written by literacy experts and teachers. The scripts feature two characters in a telephone conversation about “How Things Are Made.” Students practice reading with expression in pairs. A true literacy-builder!

Reader’s Theater includes these fun scripts, scene setters and exercises:

  • How Bubblegum Is Made
  • How Baseballs Are Made
  • How Snowboards Are Made
  • How Mustard Is Made
  • How Apple Cider Is Made
  • How Peanut Butter Is Made
  • How Pencils Are Made
  • and more!

Reader’s Theater Targets Standards in:

  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Dramatic interpretation
  • Expression, intonation and pacing

Recommended for primary grades. Reader’s Theater includes a CD containing all the materials and a Teacher’s Guide. Authored by Dr. Timothy Rasinski, Gay Fawcett and Karen Brothers.

Reader’s Theater was designed to work perfectly with WhisperPhone Duet. Try it!

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2007 Best Products Award,
Dr. Toy's Resource Program


“This is a wonderful learning tool! I went into the store searching for something to help my son hear sounds better to assist him in being a successful reader. The WhisperPhone works great. He is in a reading class with 3 other children so I purchased additional WhisperPhones for the school to use. All the children having a WhisperPhone will make all of them more successful!”

- Lisa - Parent North Carolina

“I use the Whisperphone with great success in my Discovery Multiplication™ workshops, during the skip-counting activities. My students find that it helps them stay focused and makes it easier to memorize their math facts. What a great tool for fact retention! It’s simple, yet very effective.”

- Susan Jarema, Googol Learning

“Once in a while, a product comes along that changes everything.”

- Hugh M. – President,
Canadian Education Company

“The children are so excited about working on letter sounds, practicing reading, and counting when I get out WhisperPhones!”

- Wanda J. – Teacher

“WhisperPhones help focus attention on the task of independent reading. I also think the flexible design to offer right or left ear use is great.”

- Karen L. – Teacher

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