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HealthRock is a health education company that uses music and entertainment to teach important health messages. It's like Schoolhouse Rock but about health. HealthRock songs have appeared on national radio and television and selected PBS stations. Founded by Dr. Mache Seibel, aka DocRock, an award winning physician and educator. Its advisers include the Dean of Harvard Medical School, Carroll Spinney (Big Bird on Sesame Street) and educators and childrens' experts. HealthRock presentations have been made across the country and recently Dr. Seibel was invited to make a presentation about HealthRock to the US Department of Health & Human Services. Listen, laugh and learn!

Contact Info

233 Needham Street, Suite 300
Newton, MA 02464
(617) 916-1880




“HealthRock is a uniquely brilliant format for sharing health messages.”

- Mehmet Oz, MD from the Oprah Show

“I love the messages you are able to put so simply to music. You really get a lot of good ideas across in a nice way.”

- Carroll Spinney, Sesame Street Puppeteer Big Bird/Grouch

“Your Lullaby CD is a big hit in all of my classes from pre-k to the older kids. I'm using it in classes for children with autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and severe intellectual disabilities. The teachers love it too so I've been referring them to your HealthRock site.”

- Michelle W, Music Therapist, Atlanta

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