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Heartland Consumer Products, LLC (formerly Harbro, LLC) was founded in 1999 with a mission to bring innovation and great value to retailers and consumers.  With a focus on playing cards and golf accessories, the company has grown to sell products to retailers around the world—from the best to the biggest.  Our playing card brands, led by Vegas® Brand, have become synonymous with fine craftsmanship at a tremendous price value.

In 2010, Heartland licensed Square Shooters® from the game’s inventor, Carmelyn Calvert.  Together, Carmelyn and Heartland designed the new Square Shooters® game to feature and introduce the dice—and began cataloging many other card games that the dice can reinvent.   Square Shooters® uses patented dice that are specially designed so that players can roll winning hands for poker, rummy, blackjack, war, and many other games.  Square Shooters® is the perfect addition to our family of products!  Playing cards and dice go together in Heartland’s business like love and marriage—why not print the playing cards on the dice!

Contact Info

Heartland Consumer Products, LLC
18615 Detroit Ave #203
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 712-4100


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This is one of the most unique and amazing inventions you will ever see. While the idea may appear to be a simple one, put a deck of cards on dice, the calculations involved in doing it in such a way that you can play classic card games like rummy, poker and blackjack with them is mind blowing. Using the dice is as simple as you might expect. There are games that are unique to the set which testers really enjoyed and were playing in minutes as the instructions are clear and quick. Parents also told us how much they enjoyed the flexibility and ingenuity of these amazing Square Shooter dice.

- The National Parenting Center

Square Shooters meets (and exceeds) all my Family Game Night requirements! Square Shooters isn't your typical board game or card game. It actually features a deck of cards ON dice! All 52 cards plus two Jokers are printed on nine dice, which you use to play several different games.

What I love:
1.  The game is easy to set up. If we decide to have a game night I don't have to hassle with setting up a board and a bunch of pieces; we can grab Square Shooters and start playing almost immediately.

2.  The game moves quickly. Each turn lasts three rolls of the dice, max. That's not very long, so game play moves pretty fast. The rule book suggests playing eight full rounds, but you can increase or decrease that depending on how long you want to play.

3.  The game is versatile. There are many different games a family can play with Square Shooters dice. That means the game is going to get used more, last longer, and be more appealing to more family members.

Bottom Line:
Square Shooters is a nice change of pace for Family Game Night. We've really enjoyed playing it and I can see it becoming a staple on our game shelf for many years.

- Like it a Latte Blog Review

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