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Intellitale Interactive Video is designed for active participation of children 6 months to 6 years, and their families.

Immediately, your child will begin moving to the beat of 13 original songs. Clapping, dancing, marching and keeping the beat will come naturally as your child participates in sequential activities. Numbering, language, colors, sounds, music, science, rhythm, are all part of the fun. Using intellitale, your child will no longer ‘watch’ a video. Your child will actively participate’ while learning important early childhood concepts.

Compelling brain research tells us that neurons fire in the brain and form strong neuron connections when multi-sensory stimulation occurs. Strong neuron connections make lasting, physical changes in the brain.

The challenge for today’s parents and educators is to find ways to incorporate current brain research into outdated language methods. At intellitale, we have found that critical balance.

Animalations songs can be downloaded on iTUNES.

Contact Info

Intellitale Video by Animalations
4186 Melodia Songo Court
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 804-1112


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“Current brain research has established a positive link between preschoolers; exposure to music, rhyme, and rhythm, and future reading ability. This series is created by a college professor with a master's in education and thirty year's experience in early childhood education, is one of the first packages designed specifically to support these research findings.”

- Maryann Batsakis,
Foreward Magazine

“The rhyming and phonics, both crucial elements of language development, will help children to develop critical language skills. But the children will not notice that they are learning as they dance and sing along to the simple stories.”

- Lyda Whiting,
Awareness Magazine

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