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Kardandak Enterprises, LLC was created and owned by Jeff Anderson, a freelance songwriter, composer and producer in Spring Hill (Nashville), TN.

It was created to produce theCRICKETtoy™ brand and sell millions of toys, t-shirts and other things so:

1. I can pay our bills and not have 15,000 crickets in the garage

2. I can encourage the world to laugh during these tough times (Save the Pause!)

3. My girls and I can go back to Disney World again (this is their favorite goal)

Kardandak is my life. What do I mean. My three girls are: Dana (wife), Karis (daughter) and Dakota (daughter). Karis, Dana and Dakota-Kardandak. It’s my life.

Right now, we are selling these tens of thousands of crickets and t-shirts out of our garage. I hope (and so does my wife) that we will be able to get an office somewhere soon, but for now, it’s all out of the garage. I’m living the dream! Please don’t let me be stuck with 15,000 crickets in our garage!!! Buy at least a pair of them and see if they mate. (Chirp. Chirp.)

Contact Info

Kardandak Enterprises LLC
101 Cabin Creek Ct.
Spring Hill, TN 37174


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