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To millions nationwide, Kathy and Janet Lennon, of the beloved Lennon Sisters, were also their sisters. Kathy, Janet - and their legions of fans - grew up together. The Lennon's love for one another inspired the country. Ever since they were little children, even before America embraced them, Kathy and Janet were inseparable. Caring for one another, sharing everything, they were best pals in every sense. Recognizing their special and unique bond, their mother, Sis Lennon, and grandmother, Nana, hand made a pair of soft cloth rag dolls that resembled the loving sisters - a brunette doll for Kathy and a blond doll for Janet. To Kathy and Janet, ages 6 and 3 respectively, these dolls were best pals - just like they were.

Now, Kathy and Janet Lennon have painstakingly replicated the original dolls hand sewn by Sis Lennon and Nana. While it was a real challenge to create an exact duplicate of the dolls and capture their traditional embroidered faces, yarn hair and dresses (right down to the white pataloons, shoes and long knit stockings), it was a matter of simplicity naming them.

Now, as a result of their continuing love for their fans, and children everywhere, Kathy and Janet Lennon are proud to present...Best Pals!

Contact Info

KatJan, Inc.
3000 Green Mountain Drive #107-146
Branson, MO 65616


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