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Pocket Puppet Reading Pal™ is a finger puppet that flips the pages of a book for your childs health. You can View this Kid Friendly® New Style of Reading Pal on You Tube- "Page turner- Pocket Puppet Reading Pal™". This "No Licking, Just Flipping"™ Reading Pal™ is a educational tool and a cute styled finger puppet that can be evaluated on the different levels of a Kid Friendly® Children's Pyramid. The different styles are hand/finger puppets available as "Cutie Buttons"™ in a regular hand/finger puppet and in a "Slipper Flipper"™ style. This Special Children's Pyramid is a guide for parents and educators alike. You may view this on the web site: kimskreationsinc.com. Also, the Kid Friendly® Pocket Puppet Reading Pal™ has different levels of educated emotional faces to help assist in the building of one's emotions. These special finger puppets have many more ways to keep a children's interest. There are more New Style up and coming for the Pocket Puppet Reading Pal™.


  • Creative Child 2013 Seal of ExcellenceCreative Child 2013 Seal of Excellence
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