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The proud parents of two from Dallas, Texas, Anthony and his wife, Jo, grew increasingly frustrated after seeing their children getting agitated from the discomfort of being confined to the car seat, stroller, swing, and bouncer. Like many parents, Anthony would pick up his children to find that their back would be drenched in perspirations after spending some time on their back. Anthony and Jo spent many hours searching for a product that would relieve the discomfort and keep the children’s back dry.

After weeks of searching the internet, Anthony and Jo were disappointed and surprised that nothing existed on the market was available to solve such a common problem all parents experienced. Some products were seat covers that incorporated messy and cumbersome ice packs to cool the seat for short period of time and warned not to place a child on the pad. So while the product keep the seat cool, it would not relieve the child’s discomfort and keep the child’s back dry from perspiration after spending long period of time in the car seat. These covers were deemed a major inconvenience for parents.

Anthony and Jo sat down and drafted a concept and design to meet their requirements. After reaching an agreed design, they researched the patent office and filed for a patent. Upon approval a patent, Anthony found a manufacturer to make the product that is now known as the Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad.

In 2009, Anthony and Jo started up PaTongco LLC and introduced to the public the award winning Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad, the amazing product that easily fits in a child’s car seat, stroller, bouncer, or swing. The durable nylon pad has a built in fan that draws in the ambient air and pushes the air through the pad and out through the mesh spacer material. The ergonomic control allows parents to set the fan speed. The cushion of air keeps the child’s back dry and comfortable during short or long road trips without compromising the safety features of the car seat, stroller, bouncer, or swing.

Unlike other product that uses messy and cumbersome ice packs and warns not to place the child on the their product, the Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad encourage the placement of the child on the air pad that will provide endless hours of comfort for the child and also keep them dry. The Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad comes with adapters that will allow your baby to be comfortable in the house or in the car. The pad also comes with a battery pack for ultimate portability when you have no power outlet.

The Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad may also be used to prevent children from getting burns from seat buckles, straps, and snaps that were left in the car during a hot summer day. The unforgiving heat of Texas has met its match. Simply place the buckles, straps, and snaps behind the pad to keep it out of the sun or start the pad to have the cushion of air cool off the hot hardware.

The patented Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad was designed for the child's safety and comfort, as well as, the convenience and portability for today's mobile and busy parents. The Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Infant Pad is the air ride your child deserves. Visit jingjoe.com for more information.

Contact Info

PaTongco, LLC
3709 Lighthouse Dr
Denton, TX 76210
(214) 641-2099






“No matter what item the infant or toddler was in, they remained comfortable during the testing period despite the near triple-digit temperature outside.”

- The Toy Man Award,
Pediatric Specialist

“Throughout all testing of the Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Pad for burn risk from either heat or cold, it proved to provide a solution which kept all areas of critical concern at a level of temperature which produced no risk of burning or discomfort for the infants used in all phases of the testing.”

- The Toy Man Award,
Pediatric Specialist

“Where other products simply cool a surface and eventually lose their cool temperature, the Jing Joe Cooling/Warming Pad can provide an uninterrupted cooling or warming solution.”

- The Toy Man Award,
Pediatric Specialist

“I used this product on a trip to Florida (Disney), and it worked very well for cooling the stroller seat during hot sunny days.”

- Mom's Best Award

“What a great idea!”

- Mom's Best Award

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