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What's So Funny About Developing Character?

It used to be pretty easy for parents and grandparents to instill values and teach kids manners. Children wrote thank-you notes for presents received. Kids said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school. A child might end up in the principal's office if he/she didn't show the teacher proper respect. But that was then. Today, concerns about declining moral values, moral crises, and bullying are fed by a media that focuses on political scandal, corporate greed, and the failings of individuals. What's a parent expected to do?


Developing good character is an ongoing process. Children learn from watching the adults around them. They pick up cues from what they see and hear on television. And because they are beginning a journey of self-knowledge, the books young children have around them should model good behavior and help build character.

Young children ages 3 to 6 love to hear and read funny stories. Lively characters, silly situations, and colorful illustrations are a hallmark of FUNNY BONE READERS from Red Chair Press. Each book focuses on a specific character trait or behavior such as dealing with feelings, showing respect, appreciating diversity, and perseverance. The award-winning Family Fun Packs each contain six different books and are priced just right for any parent or grandparent at SRP $14.95 each.


What do you do when you forget a friend's birthday? How do you tell the truth when you've done wrong? These are big enough problems for adults to handle - but young children are confronted with moral problems like these every day too. PROBLEM SOLVED! READERS introduce five friends who solve these challenges. Each of the eight books focuses on solving a familiar problem through cooperation, teamwork, empathy, and being a good friend. The colorful illustrations and humorous stories appeal to the parent and grandparent (and teacher) as much as the child! SRP $5.95 each.

Pull up a chair! The fun's about to begin!

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