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Do you remember being little and Mom and Dad would make up imaginative stories with funny characters in an effort to pass the time on car rides, or trips, or just to get you to go to fall asleep at night? Well imagine if the characters in those stories were to take on real form, something tangible, something you could hold in your hands and actually play with while creating even more stories.

SillyCreatures.com is a brand new eco-friendly plush toy company out of Mill Creek, Wash., that was born from make-believe stories. Its chief designer is a 7-year-old boy named Simon. Simon, along with his parents, made up stories about “Silly Creatures.” Simon fell so in love with the stories that he added “Silly Creatures” to his Christmas wish list.

In an effort to not disappoint her son on Christmas morning, mom, and company president, Flor Lozano-Byrne, a former aerospace engineer, put pen to paper and then needle to thread and using her son’s story drawings as her guide, she came up with a prototype for the first ever plush “Silly Creature.”  While she worked, Simon watched in fascination and happily spent time stuffing the creature with batting and then pulling it out again. A sudden inspiration was born. Why not create a plush toy that allows children to enjoy a similar educational activity?

Fun and fascinating Silly Creatures are not your everyday plush toy filled with fluff. Instead of stuffing, these soft creatures have functional organs such as stomach, guts, heart and womb that children can manipulate to discover how they work.

Each creature comes with its own food, which consists of polished stones or stuffed balls that can be fed through the mouth of the Silly Creature then squeezed through the digestive system until they come out the other end! Silly Creatures moms have babies inside that can be delivered and then nursed.

Inspired and moved by their own need of eco-friendly children’s party items, the founders of SillyCreatures.com created Organic Party™. Under this line, they offer Organic Cotton Birthday Crowns and Plush Pinata Fillers. On the drawing board there is an indestructible plush piñata, which can be hit and burst over and over or kept as a plush toy with storage space inside.

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16212 Bothell-Everett Hwy F-196
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(877) 627-9688






We have a Kbeu Dad in our naturopathic clinic. With it we can explain to our young patients what it means when they have a tummy ache, why it is important to eat healthy foods, and what happens to food after they swallow it.

- Dr. John Ruhland, The Natural Health Medical Clinic, Seattle, WA

I teach a special education class for 5-7 year old students. Kbeu has become a favorite toy in the class and has been very useful from a teaching standpoint. Initially, my students were very excited about the fact that you could put notes/gifts into Kbeu's heart and give them to another person (I had a lot of exchanges in the classroom - this made for some great social interaction -practice opportunities!)

- Tiffany Nygren, Teacher at Audubon Elementary School, Redmond, WA

My 3 year old absolutely enjoys playing wit K-boo Dad. K-boo's size is perfect and can be taken anywhere. There is enough space for his bag of food to be stored in him with the rest of his organs. The organs are well sewn into place so you don't have to worry about losing pieces. The toy is great for fine motor skills.

- Parent



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