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SMART, the Belgian manufacturer of SmartGames® IQ-building single player games, has brought its award-winning logic games directly to the U.S. with the formation of Smart/Tangoes USA. The expansion brings the world’s top-selling line of single-player brain games to the U.S. market in time for the holiday 2011 buying periods.

Having sold to U.S. retailers through distributors in the past, the company wanted to establish its own U.S. operations in order to deliver maximum margins and marketing support to U.S. retailers. SMART’s product line has dramatically expanded in the past two years, with sales in more than 80 countries and the introduction of the Netherlands’ 2010 Toy of the Year, the SmartMax® magnetic construction system.  In order to maximize their immediate impact in the US market, Smart USA has entered into a strategic marketing partnership with San Francisco’s Rex Games, creators of the classic, award-winning Tangoes product line.



Smart/Tangoes USA
2822 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94109
(800) 542-6375





  • Major Fun Award
  • Major Fun Award



“A single-player game for young children, Trucky 3 let's children rev up their loading skills, while working on spacial skills. There are 48 exciting challenges to manipulate the pieces to fit within the truck bed. Mom Stacy says this is a really fun toy that entices her children to think! She also loves the included container that holds all the parts when her kids are not playing with it.”

— San Diego Family Magazine
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