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Steps4Kids affordable multiple award winning instructional DVDs are used in schools and homes in the USA and Canada to provide consistent instruction and to help students learn at their own pace.  Handwriting DVDs include both upper and lowercase lessons in a single DVD and are co-created by an occupational therapist.   Other instructional DVDs are designed with credentialed teacher input to ensure conformity with select schools standards and with input from a recognized educational advocate to help make the products accessible to children with varying abilities.

Public performance rights are included in each DVD so that parents can give the DVDs to their schools to use once they are finished using them.  School can use the DVDs on smartboards, in learning centers and classrooms to support all children.  All products are created and manufactured in the U.S.A and comply with CPSIA materials safety requirements.  Steps4Kids products are listed with the American Association for School Administrator's "Buyer's Guide," and other reputable organizations.

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"I am a kindergarten teacher in Edmond, OK and ... this summer I discovered Steps4Kids.  I've listened to it many times and each time I learn a new tip.  I like how the dvd addresses how a left handed child (as well as a right handed child) is to hold his/her pencil and slant his/her paper.  The dvd is both very teacher helpful and "kid friendly".  It's something you can turn on in your class and the children can easily follow the instruction.  You can do a little lessons each day.  The narrator's voice is calm and soothing for easy listening.  The lessons are grouped by similar strokes, for example upper case EFH and D/P/B to help children learn more quickly.  The fun part of the handwriting lessons is that it includes drawing lessons to show how to make things from the letters.  Relating handwriting to drawing is both fun and meaningful." 

- N.F, Elementary School Teacher

"What's so different about the Steps4Kids method?  Well, just about everything!  To begin with, there are no workbooks. The kids learn just by watching someone else form the letter.  This is not animated, there is a real person writing the letters and talking them through it.  Instead of tracing letters, the kids make each one themselves.  I really like this after hearing more about all the negative things tracing can cause.  Another great feature is the drawing lessons.  Drawing lessons in a handwriting program? Yes!  They use letter shapes to teach kids how to draw some easy little figures and objects, such as using the letter 't' to make a kite.  These drawing breaks are not a separate part of teh DVD, they are right in there with teh letters so they really keep the kids motivated.  Every few letters they get to draw something cute.  
The Steps4Kids DVD does not introduce letters in alphabetical order.  This is really important to me because introducing letters by shape is a lot easier for the children.  I especially appreciated the separation of the lowercase letters "b" and "d".  The letter "b" is introduced with the "l" "family" and the letter "d" is taught with the "c" family.  This is so helpful for those kids who have troubles with reversals!  ... It really seems to help a lot.  This DVD is not full of fluff and it is definitely focused on learning.  ... As for (my children) liking it, there is no doubt there.  They actually ask for it - they love it!"

- Homeschooling mom of three

"I was really excited to have a chance to try Steps4Kids to Write Their ABCs, a DVD learning program designed to help children aged 4 - 7.  Steps4Kids to Write Their ABCs was co-created by an occupational therapist adn has won numerous awards including DVD of the Year from CreativeChild Magazine.  I really liked that it includes a special section "Writing Basics" specifically to provide me with tips for teaching my children to write.  ... My five year old son did an excellent job.  He can write all his letters but is no consistent with using the spacing on the handwriting tablets.  By the end of the first lesson all of his letters were properly spaced for the first time.  ... I highly recommend this DVD for any parent or teacher who will be helping children learn to write."

- SimplyStacie.net

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