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Storytellin' Time provides information about the art of storytelling especially for young children and their families. Mary Jo Huff travels the country conducting professional development for teachers, librarians and child care providers. Three CDs filled with interactive songs, stories and fingerplays along with a DVD - "Fair Tales, Fantasy, and Storytellin' Fun! have been produced to give children a chance to snap, clap, wiggle, and giggle to the world of language.

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Storytellin' Time
4333 Sandra Kay Ln
Newburgh, IN 47630
(810) 853-3024





“Proving that storytelling is an ageless, timeless adventure, Granny on the Go Mary Jo Huff, captures the spirit of childhood in this colorful and fun DVD. Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Storytellin' Fun was filmed with a live audience at the Ohio Township Public Library System. Using interactive storytelling filled with lively audience participation, playful puppets, and merry music, Mary Jo engages the children both on screen and in front of the screen. My six year old was clapping, dancing, and chanting right along with Mary Jo. You can tell Mary Jo was an educator for thirty years because she has a way with kids. Her warm personality envelops them and her child-friendly stories sweep them into a world of whimsy. Of course, there's plenty of learning but it's intrinsic and not preachy. Flap your wings to 'Chicken Fun,' dance and twirl with the 'Gingerbread Girl,' learn how greed has dire consequences in the tale 'Old Lady in the Vinegar Bottle,' and make funny faces in '5 Little Monkeys.'"

- Dianne De Las Casas, Author

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