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Safety and Fun Combined

Finally, a fun accessory that has kids cheering to wear their helmets! Children WANT to wear their safety helmet when they have a Tail Wags helmet cover they adore. Adults love them too!

A Favourite Design for Everyone

Tail Wags offers a wide range of designs to choose from so that finding the right “look” for every member of your family and friends is easy. The Fairy Princess is for all girls who dream of magic. The mischief-maker in the family will love the Funky Monkey. Enchanting and mysterious, people marvel at the beauty of the Unicorn. Our cats are sleek, majestic and graceful. The Red Devil, always a popular choice, is perfect for the scallywag in your crowd! And don’t forget the Big Stinker Skunk or the Pesky Raccoon … we’d much rather see them adorning someone’s safety helmet on the ski slopes, bike trails and skating rinks than in our back yards.

Stand Out In A Crowd

Tail Wags help to increase the visibility of the wearer on the slopes, roads and skating rinks. Remember that increased visibility equals enhanced safety!

Fits All Sports Helmets

Tail Wags’ unique design fits ALL makes and models of bike, ski, snowboard, toboggan, skate and equestrian helmets. Tail Wags are meticulously designed with a slit at the back to allow the wearer to access the helmet’s goggle clip.

Contact Info

Tail Wags Helmet Covers
235 Joicey Blvd
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 2V6


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