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U.S. Games Systems, Inc. of Stamford, CT has been producing quality family games and specialty playing card decks for 40 years. All our products are attractively packaged and affordably priced.
Our wide selection of games has something for every age and interest. For little ones we offer Kids' Classics: Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Slap Jack, and Old Maid.
For the young at heart: Nutty Neighbors, Banana Split Card Game, and perennially popular Author Cards.
Word games like Snatch-It, Royalty, and Quickword, and counting games like Banana Split and Hexago Continuo educate as well as entertain.
Nature lovers and environmentally-minded folks enjoy Rain Forest Card Games, Edible Wild Foods Cards, GreenTalk Conversation Cards for the Entire Family, and the Natural World Playing Card Collection.

Many of our award-winning card games draw inspiration from history such as Lewis and Clark, People's Choice, Time Travel Card Game, and History's Mysteries. History buffs also love our Civil War Series card games, the Old West Series, and our selection of WWI and WWII-related card decks.

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Contact Info

U.S. Games Systems, Inc
179 Ludlow Street
Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 353-8400




“Snatch-It Word Game
What's great about this game is that unlike many word games, it's socially interactive the whole way through. No waiting for players to take forever making their play. It's fast-paced and fun.”

- Megan Romer–Bella Online

“This game is great -- easy to learn, and moves much faster than scrabble! Much more engaging, as everyone has to pay attention all the time.”

- K. Shilling, Los Angeles

“Banana Split card game is such yummy fun. All the cards and game components are colorful and cute. Even the instructions are nicely illustrated. The game even comes with adorable ice cream stickers.”

- Josie from Silver Springs, MD

“Wizard is pure fun, challenging, baffling and simply habit forming. Wizard is quickly becoming the most popular card game of the decade.”

- FunAgainGames

“We just recently learned how to play Wizard and have been teaching it to others. It is more mind provoking that ordinary card games so it has educational and thinking properties. ”

- Carolyn M., Lena Illinois

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