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Wowopolis is a family-owned company that seeks to instill a sense of "WOW" into the lives of children. As parents ourselves, we are always looking for ways to engage our children with fun, different and meaningful experiences.

Our goal is to inject a sense of "WOW" into a wide array of games and crafts built upon the foundations of timeless play patterns with proven appeal among kids. We add innovation and creativity to popular activities such as guessing games, find-the-hidden-object-challenges, puzzles, memory games and arts & crafts in order to provide the highest form of entertainment for kids – engaging play that comes from the imagination and creativity of kids themselves.

Our current product line includes the Sound It! Found It! board game, the Sound It! card game, the Puzzle Match memory game and the Colorgami line of arts & crafts kits.




“It [Sound It!] is absolutely uproarious - and something dads and kids of all ages will enjoy playing together.” — MrDad.com

“Sound It! Found It! impressed our testers as a hilariously unique and very contemporary game. Ideal for game night!” — The National Parenting Center 2012 Seal of Approval Review

“Colorgami allows children to color on special perforated paper and then fold their creations to form three dimensional characters and scene sets“We like this [Colorgami] because it really brings children’s creations and art to life.” — Toysbulletin.com

“The combination of a traditional memory game combined with the skills required for puzzles is what makes Puzzle Match stand out from the crowd.” — Parents Tested Parents Approved Award Winner Review

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