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WuddlyWorld, home of the adorable black and white characters Dot and Dudly, is launched

Born from the imagination of British nurse Fiona Neilson, after seeing how her baby son delighted in the fun black and white toys

Fiona Neilson, who currently lives in Kansas City, created the characters after seeing how much her baby son enjoyed seeing shapes and faces in black and white. Fiona knew from her nursing experience that babies’ underdeveloped eyes enjoyed looking at the high contrast colours.

“When James was born, I noticed that he loved black and white shapes but there were no fun black and white toys I could find, so I made my first black and white character and was absolutely amazed at how it captivated him!” says Fiona. “

Inspired by the reaction of her first toy, Fiona made Dot and Dudly: Dudly is square and Dot is round, and both have big eyes and bright smiles.

After seeing how much her family and friends’ children loved Dot and Dudly, Fiona has now launched WuddlyWorld, so that youngsters everywhere can enjoy these fun toys.

“Currently Dot and Dudly are the only occupants of WuddlyWorld but my dream is to expand it into a captivating world full of black and white characters

Find out more at wuddlyworld.com

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